Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Great B.C. Day!

After breakfast in Tofino we took the intense drive across the mountains again to catch a ferry in Vancouver.

As soon as we drove from the ferry to my sisters in Vancouver she said we had to run downtown to meet Rich. So we jumped ina taxi and met him at the Railway Club and saw a band his family is plas with called Welkin.

See the minature train above their heads? This is the second train themed joint we've been in this trip...and the third place with a minature train set running. (the circus museum in Florida)

Healing...after a few drunk brats broke windows and set fires after the hockey game loss...including breaking all the windows here of The Hudson's Bay Company...people...hundreds of people have come down here and written messages on the plywood installed into the open vandalized windows. It's pretty amazing. Stagg called it, Vancouver's wailing wall.

The Vancouver Art Gallery lit up at night, and the same site as 420 party I posted pics of earlier. That's right "the VAG".

We had a nightcap of Proseco in the lobby bar of the Hotel Vancouver with my sister. Got home and had some deviled eggs and this was just about one of the most classic days of life in Vancouver.

What next?

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