Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Beautiful Day

I watched the Diane Sawyer interview with Congresswoman Gifford. Wow what an incredible story and her recovery has really been from music. the brain can remember words through music. Above is a really great video of her husband astronaut Mark Kelly giving her a message and greeting before a U2 performance of one of Giffords favourite songs "A Beautiful Day", And Kelly also quotes a David Bowie song. I felt pretty verklempt and thought about my daughter and also a friend of mine who loved Bowie. Michael passed away 20 years ago...but i couldn't help think how much he would have been into this recovery story, and how U2 and Bowie were part of the story and her recovery.
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"Optimism is a form of healing. Hope is a form of love" Mark Kelly.


brassawe said...

I like this couple. I like this couple a lot.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I "U-Tubed" the great Ornette Coleman...who put quality ahead of music sometimes within his life.....we are all the better FROM MUSIC..I know first hand how it has helped me- I WANT MUSIC TO HEAL ALL IN THIS WORLD !!! NOW N" IN OUR FUTURE !!!!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Ornette Coleman. Here's a band carrying on in that same vein. Very provocative and brave music...