Friday, December 23, 2011

The Artist

I just wrote a friend how I was wondering what kinds of movies are coming out ...and I really had not felt super excited about seeing a new movie in quite a long time. Listen, I am excited about the Dragon Tattoo movie, and Sherlock Holmes, and Mission Impossible...but I mean really excited. Excited like the kinds of movies that might inspire you to think about life. Like anticipating a Scorcese or Fellini movie. I used to get so excited to see a new Fellini movie. I really haven't been very excited to see a movie since "The Matrix" which had so much word of mouth and buzz.

Now here comes a black and white with no dialogue...and the trailer alone gets my eyes watering and my heart jumping. I can not believe someone has the guts to make a silent movie in black and white. I am so stoked for this movie! The director is a fellow who has made delightful spy movie spoofs in the past.

When I look at the trailer for "The Artist" I am filled with the memories of going to see Marx Brothers movies or Fellini's "Cassanova" at the Plaza Theatre in Calgary. I think The Plaza still shows movies. One of my oldest friends was the projectionist (he became a labour leader for projectionists since those days). The first movie I took my daughter to was at The Plaza (she was a newborn but I took her in a snugglie to "Wizard of Oz" which of course she slept through).

It just feels so cool to anticipate seeing this movie! Would you go see a silent black and white film?


Anonymous said...

I hear it's great! Follow it up with Hugo in 3D - please - Scorsese has gone deep into his socks on this one.
merry christmas candy & anthony xoxo tuffy said...

hiya there. merry x-mas my friends. hope all goes well and miss seeing you around my blog..

Greg S. said...

Yes. Yes. And Yes again.

Candy Minx said...

Hey tuffy, happy holidays! No time to bog right now...running out the door. We really miss you and hope you are having fun with your family and cats and dogs etc etc! xxxxoooo

NBR, honest I will be back to regular visiting soon. and maybe I should just drive over on my next day in WIS...okay? Happy new year!

Greg, how cool does it look right? Cheers! said...

That would be great. Just e-mail me when you do and maybe we can find a place to meet in the middle. I dont mind driving to appleton. Its only half hour away from us or so.