Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some Billy

Aw, cute, Billy Bragg on a Canadian kids show...I used to sing this song to my nephew Nathan. One trip to tofino and this record was very popular I would get up early in the morning and let my sister and brother-in-law sleep in and I would take Nathan in a snuggly pack to the beach and watch eagles feed in the seaweed and sing this to him.

A concerty version....

I love both these Billy's and they are both from the British punk scene and same era.

No surprise Billy Idol became a big star, his face was made for music videos and he is so gorgeous! At the time of Idol's early rock videos they were super inventive and now they seem so cute. We used to love waiting for one of his sexy videos to be shown on Much Music or MTV.


Furtheron said...

Billy B - yes!

Billy I - er not so sure, probably cos I've heard White Wedding so many times at weddings and the like... He was much better, briefly, when in Generation X

Candy Minx said...

Ooh...yes I LOVED Generation X...but he was such a heart throb! I love these kind of rough punk elvis videos and songs. Sure, they don't have the kind of political weight of billy Bragg, but they have a lot of cultural swag to them ha ha!