Monday, January 02, 2012


For the first time sister, The Underground Baker
  • a parcel to us before the holidays. It's been a long standing joke about her and I giving each other winter holiday gifts in July. She got us a beautiful skull motif apron which we set to using immediately. Stagg is chopping vegetables for the crock pot.

  • 3 comments: said...

    He looks very happy in his/yours new apron. Its pretty cool..

    Furtheron said...

    nice - my current apron is actually too rude for the internet - my brother and his wife's sense of humour ! I'd like one like Stagg's frankly

    Stagg said...

    Yo - Furtheron !!!!

    I've been to lotzah "midwest" BBQ'z{really outdoor partayzz} n' 've seen lotzah doze bad humor aprons in my time !!

    Couldn't help 2 respond !!!