Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow, Gears, And Other Stories

Well just to catch up...Stagg is still juggling midnight shift. Its a rough shift but he's doing okay. I am juggling job options and underemployed but with some work at the same time. It's snowing like crazy today. I had to run errands and go bank and pay some bills. We are in a grind and just trying to stay good-natured about the whole thing. Of course, the car wouldn't start today so we had to walk and public transit it ina city slowing down to another grind with the weather. anyways just a funny story I landed up having a conversation with a fellow who has three families he's supporting. His sons family in Ukraine studying medicine. His wifes family and their daughters family. His wife is from Canada and when he heard I was from Canada he was delightfully honest with me. "I hate Canada!" I just started laughing. He said he went to Canada and felt like he was in a cemetary. Nothing happens, no people, he can't communicate with Canadians. They are nice, wonderful people but so slow and simple. Nothing happens. No excitement. " He added, "It takes so long to have a conversation and find out something about a U.S. everyone tells you who they are and what they want now now." I was dying of laughter. And funny enough on one of my reality shows the other day a stylist show on Bravo, the star stylist Brad is from Canada. His mother and sister were visiting him in New York and they weren't excited about much...and Brad told them some of his exciting news and took them around the city. They were nice, and easy going and enjoyed hearing about him dressing famous people and they enjoyed their meals in NYC. He said, "well thats about as excited as a Canadian gets."