Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I meant to post these pics awhile ago...Stagg and I were extras in a commercial for Mike Ditka. Ditka is a bit of a hero for a lot of people in Chicago. Stagg was pretty excited about not only being an extra but also getting to meet Ditka...and later telling his dad about making a commercial. We've got soem friends who work at Ditkas so we got to spend a whole morning with the staff and have a great time seeing a commercial being made which Stagg had never had that experience before.

One of our perks was a nice big meal before filming.

Well that is Mike Ditka behind the bar but I am too far away...I was nervous about taking pics anyways.

Our buddy Carlos. You can see how mischievous he is right?

The stars of the commercial...the directors got Stagg and one of the waiters wives to get into a scene with Mike Ditka. Okay, they picked the skinny people. So while they were in the shot Mike, Carlos and I stood on the side and looked at each others pooches: laughing, keep the chubby people out of the close ups!

I thought about these pictures this week because I was at Ditkas restaurant last Friday for a birthday party...I will post those pics tomorrow...

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