Thursday, June 14, 2012


 Look, we have a stamp store close to our place! This coming weekend Stagg's sister gets married. We have the weekend off which turned out that we've got this week off from work so since we both have bikes and time off...we're making this a little stacation. The stamp store and this fantastic Italian deli are just down the street from us. A five minute bike ride.
 This deli makes me feel like I'm in Toronto I know it should make me feel like I'm in Italy, but the place that makes me feel I'm in Italy is the Art Institute Museum park downtown.

 We had some Italian sandwiches then rode overt to the mall to pick up Stagg's tux for the wedding. (2.5 miles)

 Then Stagg carried the tux back on his bike while I carried some lawn candles and patio lights.
 Maybe if you click on the photo below you can see how cute some of the streets are around here. this neighbourood is actually massively conducive for bike riding. WAY better than by my work area. It is kind of mindblowing how pretty, peaceful and wideopen the spaces are around here. I am sure for my urban blog friends this will seem very different.

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Wow doesnt Stagg look spiffy in his new tux?? He looks good.