Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tiki Bar

 Weeeeellll...this post will also go under the file of "our neighbourhood" which I was writing about a while ago. We have a tiki bar in our hood. Well, it's 4.7 miles from our place but around here, thats close. Stagg used to hang out in this tiki bar years ago, like the 80s with all his school and art friends in bands etc. I went there for the first time to meet co-worker Tina while we talked about starting a blog. Here are some pictures of where I had to walk after taking a bus to the Hala Kahiki Lounge.

 So the other evening we had a going away get together for Michelle who I've blogged about before. she is the one going to the monastery in Canada. We met up at the Hala Kahiki and enjoyed some coconut based cocktails...yum yum!

 There she is the woman of the hour, Michelle. Michelle is going to blog about her experience and I can't wait to follow along. already her first blog entry was beautiful! I hope you will check out this new blog called Grounskeeper Michelle
 Here is our accountant for the school Meg and Michelle.
 This is the fabulous Tina. tina teaches Go-go dancing classes at Old Town School of folk Music and she works in thebar with me and is a beautiful clothing designer!
 Stagg, of course...
 Arrrgggghhh Michael and Michelle compete for swashbuckling pirate poses...Michelle used to work as a bricklayer. And Michael below...teaches music and art classes at Old Town, as well as working at the bar.
 Oh look...I like to tease Michael that he is our resident Supermodel. He posed for an advertising campaign for Old Town School of folk Music. The poster below was huge and in many bus stops around the city. Yes, he really does play banjo.

Some of the drinks on the menu have great descriptions like The Fog Cutter"A demons portion of a fine old concoction topped with sherry. Definately has the power of the Kahuna to raise the dead"

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