Thursday, July 11, 2013


 Remember a while ago Stagg and I had made some small paintings for a friend in England? They were of a church detail from a Misericord
. Well, Martin, our friend and a long time participant in an online bookclub with me, has hung up the paintings and sent photos. I'm beyond excited to see these pictures. The paintings are ina  study that has all kinds of books in it and is lovely and bright. Martin and I have shared about 10 years of excitement and discussions of shakespeare and traditional poetry. It's been an incredible relationship to me all these years. It is very difficult to find others who not only enjoy shakespeare and classic literature but are crazy enought o spend hours and hours arguing and discussing such works...outside of academia. Thank you Martin for such a great friendship!!!!!

 By Stagg...
 By me...
 And a painting Martin already had of a pixelated philosopher or such. I think these three paintings look fantastic together and show a lot of humour that can be found in artwork and they have a lot that is interesting in common with the way they are painted: the devices that paint affords a painter to play with.

And here is the little creature that inspired our paintings.


Anonymous said...

Awesome !!!!!!


Eugene Knapik said...

Excellent! It's so exciting to find a good home to adopt some paintings.