Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Meeting In Real Life

During the weekend...Gardenia whose blog From A Lofty Perch I've been visiting...probably via Hattigrace and Four Dinners I guess and she has been coming to my blog ...well I had e-mailed and asked if she would consider meeting us in New Orleans. And bless her heart...she did...three hours each way driving but Gardenia showed up! And we were really glad she did...we had a wonderful evening...How do you explain that you can tell from someone's blog that they are a cool person...well you just can tell that's all!
See Gardenia was organized...she had her camera all ready to go and full of fresh batteries. Unlike some people in this room. Gardenia took this photo of Stagg, me, Deana and Marc in the courtyard of our N.O. hotel. Meeting in real life with Gardenia was much how I anticipated...she is a kind sweet person in real life as comes across online. I was surprised how statuesque she is....very tall and regal. Mostly was the mixed sensation of feeling like I knew her for a long time and also seeing how kind and giggly she is in person.
We went to The Bamboo Room for martinis. Stagg and Deana cracking jokes. Check out Stagg's blue drink. I'll have to ask him what it was called again..I think it was called Death's Ninja Stallion if I remember correctly...

Enjoyed this band so much. I felt like we were in a Marx Bros movie or some slapstick Keaton movie. Love this music!

Some hair shots of me and Gardenia! Sorry about the dark pic.

Me and Gardenia...both my camera and cam corder ran out of batteries this I had to use my cell phone to get our pics.

Night Shift. We stopped inside for bite to eat after I dropped off Gardenia at her car...I went back into FQ to meet up with Stagg and Marc and Deana here.
Deana and Marc inside the Clover Grill waiting for their snacks.
More music...


Gardenia said...

Oh, you got wonderful pictures of the orchestra! Well, we have our light portions of our hair in the photos, which makes for an interesting photo!
Good photos of Marc and Deana.....ah, what a night. Wish I had one of those martinis right now!

Anonymous said...

Those cell phone pics are great.

Candy Minx said...

I love these photos too...I love how the cell phone pics came out. Even though I was intensely frustrated at running out of batteries argh!!!!

But there is an Edward Hopper thing going on with the cell phone pics. Um, I don't know why the lines like cross hairs...kind of like the pix were burning out too or something...