Friday, October 12, 2007

I Shouted Out Who Shot The Kennedy's Well After All It Was You And Me...

Dealey Plaza views. Inside the museum I was choked up a number of times, Dallas did an amazing job with the memorial and museum to this beloved public figure...and the loss of President J.F.K. Outside was fascinating being in Dealey Plaza...amny details are the same as they were in the 60's and immediately I felt overwhelmed to actually walk the area that has had so much popular culture coverage.

Look up. Look way up. See that window to your right of the arched windows on the sixth floor...that is the infamous window. The 6th Floor Museum in the old Texas School Book Depository Building is done with a lot of taste and reverance. Films, books of the era, the suits that the officers were actually wearing when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby are in glass cases, some of the guns and procedural records are preserved, the plates from the newspapers that day were snuck out of a local newspaper by a teen who workeed there...what a remarkable young man he was to havesuch foresight...he saved them for 40 years. This museum was only opened 27 years after the assasination. For many years the people of Dallas seemed to desire denial...they did not like being known as "Dallas killed Kennedy" my friend Tonya explained to me.

From the 6th floor windows...just about exactly what Oswald would have seen with his view...
We are sitting where Zupruder sat when he filmed the motorcade.It was amazing to think of this while climbing up the grassy knoll. All around us on the street are people, over 400,000 visitors a year, discussing angles, trajectories, the era, where so and so was sitting...where the unknown gunman might have been standing...pointing to the window whewre Lee Harvey Oswald is very impressive to see such engagement in the visitors.
If you look right on the street pavement between Tonya and I you will see an "X" that the city has installed because so many people would ask about the exact location.
View of the Texas School Book Depository building and 6th floor window from the spot where President J.F. Kennedy was shot in his limo...I am standing right next to where the limo was struck...
One set of steps on the grassy knoll structure/gazebos.

All around Dealey Plaza are enterprising folks who sell papers with photos and info regarding this sad day. These fellows are a wealth of info, they seem to know everything about theories of bullets, of the buildings construction they are really interesting. This is my dear bud Tonya who hosted me during my stay in Dallas...we met several years ago at an online book club.

Buldings that existed in Dealey Plaza back at the time of the assasination...the area and buildings are still fact, the oak trees have barely changed size since 1963.
Tonya is standing at the fence where the mysterious figure was standing. the city has preserved the original fence and what it looked like but people keep stealing a fence post. The fence is the same as the one one of the motorcycle police saw an unknown person run and they gave chase...part of the reason for such a lack of closure surrounding the assasination and conspiracy theories.

Back at a Greyhound depot to get from Dallas to San Antonio. It's a bus and I got into San antonio at 4a.m. It's a beautiful day here...about 60 degrees...while waiting for Stagg to get here later this afternoon I'm going to go sit by the pool and have a beer. More pics tomorrow!


Karen said...

Great visual tour of the spot Candy! Very interesting.

Sorry about not visiting more. I have problems with your site on my home computer so I can only check it at work. Unfortunately, I haven't had much of a chance to do so. You sound super busy! Lots of travelling. And a lot by bus...egads!

I read on Mr. A's blog that you'll be meeting up soon. Hope you have a great time!

Underground Baker said...

Aggggh! I missed your call. I can't find your number....

Your trip sounds amazing. As I write you have probably caught up with to all.

I can't watch the video clip because it will make me cry.

We're good, I'll try to email.

Darla said...

Oh, how very cool. I love the pix.

And now you're in San Antonio?? I hope you post a bunch of photos--I'm so homesick. Stop by a Taco Cabana for me, would you? :)

tweetey30 said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. Like Karen said nice visual of your trip. I have been to Texas once and I was 3 years old so I dont remember much.


wonder who really killed him?

Looks like a really cool place. you meet any JR clones?

Candy Minx said...

Karen, so good to see you! Yep hooked up with Mister Anchovy and Tuffy P and Stagg two nights felt so good that everything worked out aftera couple of cancelled flights etc. Actually, yesterday we all sent you a postcard.

Underground Baker...I'll phone you today in about an hour when we get in the car and drive to Houston...Dariel called me just as a band got on stage the other night so I need to call her back to, I'll make sure to leave my number on your land line. Your cell should haverecorded my number though. I enjoyed this memorial of the assasination so much and I think you and your hubby would have found it very interesting too.

Darla, I had no idea you were from the San Antonio are...I'll give the city a big hug for you. We have spent a lot of the time in La Valitta watching an international accordion festival. The music has been outstanding. Can you believe there was even a band from Canada...we came all the way to San Antonio to see a Quebecois band!

Tweety, glad you liked the was really something to stand in Dealey Plaza and analyze the angles of the buildings and the street etc.

4Dins...yes, it is easy after visiting the museum to see why so many doubts arised after the shooting and autropsy and police procedural breakdowns. I didn't see anyone who looked like J.R. but I did see a lot of beautiful big haired blinged up gold lame women...everything is bigger in Texas! You would not believe the portions of food we have been served. And the margeritias have been lovely.

Amy Ruttan said...

Sorry I've been absent. You're in Texas now. You've been getting around missy!

Very cool pictures.

Gardenia said...

These bought the area alive in a way that the photos in the books or TV never could (or did).

* (asterisk) said...

Very cool stuff. One day I'd like to visit. Been a sucker for the JFK stuff since I was in my mid-teens.

Red said...

Isn't it odd to visit a place you feel you know because you've seen it everywhere for the last 40+ years: TV footage, films, newspaper articles? Did it feel strangely familiar once you got there? There are some spooky shots, like the one from the Book Depository window. Fascinating stuff. I bet you want to sit down and rewatch JFK now!

On a more frivolous note: I love your shoes!