Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Dirtiest Show On TV Gets A Face Lift

Season 5 moves to Hollywood and the premiere was as slick and funny as fans are used to...which was good for me because I'm still mad at Christian for how he treated Kimber. I liked the new premise of this season and some of the new cast.

Buckcherry sone Crazy BitchNip/Tuck compilation of sexy scenes. Adults only :)

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Gardenia said...

I haven't watched this much as I don't have much access to TV when its on. When I have watched it, its like watching a freak show - too bizarre to not look at! I'm not going to get into how screwed up those docs are! That's enough to scare someone off plastic surgery for good. And I think Christian has a secret hatred for women. Oh yeh, interesting, alick, and sort of like forbidden fruit I thinks, as I have often thought of ordering the season DVD's and renting a motel room, with a TV all my own and a remote all my own, as I live a life interrupted, and having a Nip Tuck weekend. (attempt at humor there!) Maybe buy a great box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne to go with it.