Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dolt 45

Dolt 45 are friends of Stagg's. Darrick, the singer and Dave, on guitar (stage left to Darrick) went to elementary school and Catholic boys high school together. Darrick and Stagg also went to the Academy of Art together.They played on Friday night a few blocks away and it was great to walk over and be able to hang out. I've been wanting to film them for a while too. We had a wonderful night visiting with Darrick's wife, and our friend Nancy, and Darrick's mom and step-dad.


tweetey30 said...

Cool that you got to meet his friends and have some fun with them as well. They are good at what they do.

Candy Minx said...

Hi Tweety, yes they are a great groups of folks. We had so much fun. I think it's really cool Stagg has this group of friends still from high school. They used to hang around their parents basements and play music and they still try to do such.

It seems to me that posting a video on a blog is a kis of death...anybody else notice that or is it just my imagination. I notice everytime i YouTube something...alost no one posts. I've noticed less comments on Asterisks blog, Mister anchovy's too when videos are posted...hmmm...I wonder why?

Maybe it is the length of time it takes to watch a video and it takes too much time to read or write and watch a video?

Gardenia said...

Mine too Candy - few comments on the UTubes - personally I like watching these - I've picked up a lot of new music loves from Mr. Anchovy's video posts.

I like the way you filmed these - and the previous group you posted - you sure know where to find fun, or fun knows where to find you! I need to start going places - maybe I'll find some too. Fun that is.