Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Movies

1) Planes, Trains and Automobiles.Not only is this an hilarious Thanksgiving's probably in my top ten list for comedies. I've lost my shit so many times watching this charming buddy film.

2) Home For The Holidays. I love this movie it also has the best cat hairball scene.
3) The Accidental Tourist (if you've seen it, you'll know how funny the line "certain death" is)
4) Flirting With Disaster (I believe I remember this was a Thanksgiving road trip?)
5) Dutch
6) The Daytrippers
7) Pieces of April
8) The Ice Storm (warning, grim movie)
Sigourney Weaver from The Ice Storm.
9) The Myth of Fingerprints
10) Hannah and Her Sister's
11) The House of Yes
12) Alice's Restaurant
13) Scent of a Woman

Have I missed some other good movies set in or around Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving seems to make a great setting for movies, I wonder why?

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Gardenia said...

I don't know why Thanksgiving is such a great setting for holiday movies - but I love it, gets me in the mood. We went to the theater and watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - and loved it!

Planes, trains & automobiles is one of my favorites as well. I love movies that make me laugh.

The Mocha Mom said...

Sounds like a good list of movies, I don't think I have seen any of them though. Thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

I love watching movies on Thanksgiving too! I've pulled out a few for after I've just eaten more than I can handle. I haven't seen all of yours yet!

Happy TT-13 and Happy Thanksgiving!


Tink said...

Being from The Netherlands I'm curious about 5 (Dutch). Great theme for this week's TT!
I did a random list of 13.

ellen b said...

Well have a wonderful Thanksgiving eating and watching movies! Thanks for the list of Turkey day setting videos...


I think I'll start a campaign to get Thanksgiving goin' over here.

Well, it's another day off in't it?

SJ Reidhead said...

Good list. If we were listing biographical movies for Thanksgiving mine would be either Nightmare on Elm Street or Mad Mad Mad World

The Pink Flamingo

Nicholas said...

The only one I have seen is the first one. Interesting to see Steve Martin play the straight man.

thecabinet said...

Great choices...much better than football. Happy TT.

Morgan Leigh said...

I watched a bit of Planes, Trains and Automobils, it was funny. I haven't seen any of the others, LOL.


Janet said...

Scent of a Woman, my GOD I loved that movie!!!

Lori said...

I love those movies...but, i will probably be watching football. Happy TT.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You know, I never thought about movies set during Thanksgiving. You're right; those are great ones!

Happy TT and have a great Thanksgiving!

*Rae* said...

Happy THanksgiving to you & yours great list I especially love Scent of A Women I can watch it over & over great list Happy TT-

Secret Agent Mama said...


Sassy Lucy said...

Dutch was a great tend to think of Christmas movies more....that is a future list for me.

Red said...

That scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles when they're on the highway and end up driving in the wrong direction and "Everybody's Doin' the Messaround" is playing on the radio... oh my God, that has me in stitches just thinking about it. And only last night, Aste said to me, "Those aren't pillows!"

Great film, deffo one of the best comedies ever.

Hey, Miss Candy, I hope you and Stagg and your beautiful friends have a great Thanksgiving. Don't stress about the food too much, people will be just happy to be in your fabulous company!

Deanna Dahlsad said...

When I saw you title I was thinking, "Are there even 13 of them?" and now I see I not only forgot quite a few, I've missed at least 4 of them too! A great list, thanks!

Happy TT!

Darla said...

Heck, I didn't even realize all those were set in or around Thanksgiving! Maybe I'll suggest we all watch Planes, Trains, & Automobiles tonight to celebrate!

SlipOfAGirl said...

Excellent list -- and Planes, Trains & Automobiles is deservedly #1!

Happy TTT (Thanksgiving Thursday Thirteen) :D

mister anchovy said...

Har! The Ice Storm is a grim movie indeed, but a holiday compared to that fun-fest No Country.

cappy. said...

happy thanksgiving!
i've mailed all my other american pals, but not got your address!
have a good un.

geek-betty said...

yay for John Candy movies :)

also, I love the National Lampoon movies. Nobody did the holidays like the griswolds

Candy Minx said...

Gardenia, maybe it's all the family pressure to for a few people and a meal you're supposed to be attending..there's an inherent drama at the base. Then mix family and personal issues in-good times! I heard the Dustin Hoffman movie was fun, good on you!

Mocha Mom, you alomost can't go wrong with any of these movies...I hope you check them out sometime.

Holly, Happy Thanksgiving...a note about your blog. I have difficulty getting it to open...and it usually shuts down my entire computer. I also couldn't log, in I'm sorry!

Dutch is fun...a guy has to bring his step-son home to Chicago for holidays, madcaps occur.

Ellen, Cheers!

Four Dinners, it's even better than a's a marvelous one because basically it's a four day weekend. Heavenly! And any time is a good time for turkey. Thanksgiving is in many many different cultures of hunters and's OLD!

sjreidheid, I love horror movies too...there is also the Eli Roth "trailer" inside the Grindhouse movie called "thanksgiving" evil abounds...

Nicholas, yes, it is nice to see Martin play the straight guy. Have you ever seen the Spanish Prisoner?

The Cabinet, well football is the real religion though isn't it?

Morgan, you got some fine movies to rent in your future!

Janet, I love Al Pacino in everything!

Lori, we might have football on around here...but I will likely record game and watch it later...we'll be visiting friends we haven't seen in a while.

Susan, I was surprised how many themed movied I tracked down too. Cheers!

Rae, I'll be over to your blog shortly to wish you harvest abundance!

Candy Minx said...

Secret Agent Momma, thanks great to "see: you!

Sassy Lucy, oh I love Christmas movies that is a big list, ginormous!

Red, Oh yes, "those aren't pillows" is a good one and a great line in many circumstances. We've already had an emergency with the food. The turkey pan broke and leaked butter and wine all over the gas oven...the place filled up with smoke. Stagg has run to the store to buy another cooking pan and wine. It's been a mess. We may end up having blackened turkey...yikes...

Deanna, I was surprised how many I was able to find too...and I believe there might be a few more.

Darla, I was wracking my brain...some came to mind like The Accidental Tourist because I use several lines from the movie any time I am cooking turkey. I even considered re-reading the novel it is so well written and such a fine story and characters.

Slip of A Girl, it's amazing to me how many people love Planes Trains and Automobiles...and I am looking for it to own on dvd it's a feel good movie all right.

Mister Anchovy, Well the kid dying in Ice Storm kinda trumps in the "grim category" I can't watch that movie ever again, it was so sad. At least in NCFOM there weren't any innocents and most of the characters made their own dumb mistakes, no? Toughness in film noir is sort of easier to take than tragedy? The winner for grim movies though for me is Syriana.

Cappy, aw thanks...I'll be over to your blog shortly.

Geek Betty, yes I almost listed the National Lampoon Thanksgiving movie. Did you know they were inspired by the short storie of Jean Shepperd? Check those out sometime, charming, funny and from a different era.

* (asterisk) said...

Planes, Trains is VERY good. And Pieces of April was great too.

Have a top day, kidz!

Candy Minx said...

Thanks *, the boiling blackened smoky overn situation seems to be fixed...and the turkey is still going strong. I think what is so special about Planes Trains is that John Candy and Steve Martin kind of have this cloud of depression around them, Martin's character for sure. It's such a great friendship!

Anonymous said...

If they told you wolverines would make good house pets, would you believe them?

Stop by and check out my shits and giggles edition ... this quote from Del would so fit in.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ink Casualty said...

well...seeing as you are down there Happy Thanksgiving
THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST is in my pile so may blog it later tonight
and hey...your site still buggers my computer
much love to you and the Stag man
save me a piece of pie!

Amy Ruttan said...

All excellent. I love Planes Trains and Automobiles. LOVE IT. I think I'll go watch it now ... even though I watched it back in October. :)

Malcolm: said...

"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" is also on my list of funniest movies ever. As someone else mentioned, I love the scene at night when John Candy is driving and the Ray Charles tune "Mess Around" comes on the radio. He's playing the piano on the dashboard, playing air saxophone, swerving all over the road... classic stuff!

tweetey30 said...

My damned computer locked up on me the first time. LOL.. How was your American style Thanksgiving? Movies are good. I like Planes, Tranins and Automobiles. Its a great holiday movie.