Monday, December 22, 2008

Mind Over Matter

I know. I don't believe I'm outside either. Actually, I took this on Monday or Tuesday last week. It's snowed since then and has also dropped to -21 celcius a couple of times. I've been outside every day for at least an hour or two running errands, getting exercise etc. It's funny how weather is kind of relative. I love snow...I'd rather be snowboarding or skiing than walking city streets but it is also really beautiful and the air feels so clean and pure. The weather in the past 8 days has been the worst weather for a few years... and it wasn't even officially winter yet! It's funny how some people just go all insular and won't go outside or they cancel engagements when the weather gets cold or snowy. The streets are really quiet. Meanwhile...if I think back to being on the slopes for skiing...everyone is smiling and laughing and happy. The more snow the better. This past week...people are solemn. Many stores or places I walked to are "why are you so happy?" The answer "it's so beautiful out". It was only colder when I was in Banff at -27 Celcius four years ago and two years ago in northern Cananda where it was -30 Celcius. At the point it is right now...-2's all kind of just cold. don't really seem to make much difference once it gets this cold. You pretty much have to dress and prepare in the same way for -20 Celcius as -30 Celcius.

Today it's -2 Farenheit which is -18 Celcius. All our windows are frozen and have ice on them INSIDE! I've got to go outside and find some plates. Going to some second hand stores for dishes. And to the bank. It's very sunny and very very cold out. should be interesting...

There is the UPS store where I was send the finale of Survivor over to England. The U.K. used to get Survivor...but no longer so I've been sending episodes to A Blog About Nowt and Red's Page and this is the very postal outlet I go to if the Post Office is closed. I got to here and had forgot their address. I couldn't believe it, so had to return next day to send the parcel. We have mailed out a bunch of parcels and sent some UPS too. I've been tracking them and they have all been delayed. So if Asterisk or Mister Anchovy is reading this, your parcels seem to be delayed because of weather and season. Oops sorry.

I picked up a coffee and stopped in for a manicure. Left Buddha a chocolate chip cookie too.

We have to go to Whole Foods tonight...and we walk. If we don't walk we don't get any exercise. Takes about an hour and a half each way. We have to go tonight because we have folk coming for dinner on Wednesday! I've got butter out for cookies on the table...but it's so cold in here that the butter isn't really softening. We have a huge shopping cart that basically we've been dragging over snow banks and it's really been a funny adventure at times.

Fortunately I got new huge combat/construction style boots last week so trucking around has been a breeze!


tweetey30 said...

I havent worn boots in so long I think I forgot how to get along with them.. LOL.. I hate boots. I am just getting ready for bed.. Enjoy the weather because its going to get more snow here in WI on Wednesday. Another 6-12 inches..

Gardenia said...

Love the pic of the center of the buildings - very interesting stuff going on there. Your post bought back memories of living in Baltimore and wrestling the grocery carts through the snow - I would get very very angry at the carts AND the snow - brava for laughing, Candy!!!

I was drooling over a leopard skin pair of UGGS I saw in an ad - (and i have no snow to tromp through - sigh - they are so blooming expensive - but sooo sooo cute - probably worthless in snow.