Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Canuck Hero

Is it possible to love madly and feel a complete stranger inspires your life. Yes. Wade Davis is one of my heroes. I've never met him, but I feel he a brother of mine.

"All people share the same raw adaptive imperatives. We all have children, we all have to deal with the mystery of death, the world that waits beyond death, the elders who fall away in their elderly years, all of this is part of our common experience.

So this shouldn't surprise us because after all, biologists have finally proven it to be true something that philosophers have always dreamt to be true that we are all brothers and sisters. We're all cut from the same genetic cloth. All of humanity is probably descended from the 1,000 people who left Africa 70,000 years ago.

But the corollary of this is if we are all brothers and sisters and share the same genetic material all human populations share the same raw human genius, the same intellectual acuity. And so whether that genius is placed into technological wizardry has been the great achievement of the west or by contrast, into unravelling the complex threads of memory inherent in a Myth. It's simply a matter of choice and cultural orientation.

There is no progression of affairs in human experience.

There is no trajectory of progress.

There's no pyramid that conveniently places Victorian England at the apex and descends down to the flanks of the so-called primitives of the world.

All people's are simply cultural options. Different visions of life itself" Wade Davis


Beej said...

Candy, this is absolutely fascinating stuff. And I do agree with Davis. This is a theory I've heard of before. Let me try to remember the title of the book I've read, on this very topic I'll get back to you, even tho that book had religious connotations, it still said the same thing.

thanks for posting. Again, fascinating!

Candy Minx said...

I'm glad you got a chance to watch this. I rcommend almost any book he's written but one of my faves is "One River".