Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's Been Going On

Yes, I know...I haven;'t been around much. Realized I should probably cwrite a few notes about how things are going around here.

First, Stagg is really really better. His face is almost completely healed. He looks all rested and symetrical again. He gave us all quite a scare. I highly recommend acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for prevention and healing. I'm utterly impressed by the overall general response Stagg had to treatment. Mind blowing.

Yep, we are still eating about 99 percent vegetarian. We always ate about 85% vegetarian...with a few meals of organic, grass-fed meat throughout the month. Usually Stagg would eat about four sandwiches a week. I almost always avoid bread...but he was eating it for his lunches. We haven't had bread around for almost three weeks. Since he isn't packing a lunch we've had more fresh food at lunch time. He's lost almost 15 pounds. I've lost about 10. The weight loss s from not eating the processed food...specifically bread. Yes, I know a lot of people forget that bread is processed food. So is pasta. These are the original processed foods.

Anyways, we've been eating a lot of vegetarian and quite often vegan meals. I'm desperate for new recipes and ideas. If any one has a recipe for wheat-free protein meals and vegan...please share. We actually might pop by a vegan restaurant near our place to get some inspiration. It's very easy to have dairy as a protein in vegetarianmeals but it's a whole new game when you want to avoid dairy or wheat. good grief...I am amazed how vegans do it. So, long story short...Stagg and I have more or less really embraced eating less dairy and adding more vegetarian meal into our diets.

We've been busking whenever the weather allows. It's been going pretty good, the best reward is being outside and talking to people. Also getting a coffee has been fun. We've actually been in coffee shops a lot int the last few weeks. I've kind of fallen in love with hanging out in a coffee shop and reading all over again. I find just people watching to be immensely satisfying.

I'm back on a reading jag. I always read a fair bit...but in the past year I've mostly been reading magazines and articles online. Right now...I'm in major catch up of my MBR pile. It feels really good. I've had a hard time relaxing in a specific way in past few months...so I haven't been in book mode. it feels awesome to be back in deep reading some books.

The other night we played Wii for about 7 hours. Stagg played guitar for most of it while Tricia and I took turns singing. I sang "Maps" by Yeah yeah yeahs, "I think I'm paranoid" by Garbage, "Don't Look Back In Anger" by Oasis, "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden, "Celebrity Skin" by Hole, among a bunch of others. Stagg sang an awesome version of "Sabotage" by Beastie Boys when we let hm on the mic, mostly he played guitar. I got booed off the stage when I played the guitar. It was so much fun it was sick.

Had lots of studio time, in fact, Stagg is working away making paintings right now as I type.

Well, I can't think of much else to catch up on for now. I'm reading The Winter's Tale by Shakespeare with my online Shakespeare group, John Irvings new novel, Cornel West book and Superfreakonomics in a couple of days.


mister anchovy said...

These days, I don't eat much bread either as it turns out...the occasional English Muffin or a few Melba toasts, but I haven't had a chunk of crusty delicious bread in weeks. I've hardly had any liquid bread either (that would be beer). I miss the solid bread much more than the liquid bread as it turns out. I think that sadly, bread reduction is one of the keys to shedding pounds. For me, the other is to have breakfast every day without fail. So far, I've shed about 25 pounds.

Candy Minx said...

Holy sheep shit, that's awesome. No it's a well known fact...if you wanna lose weight..stop eating bread. Our mutual friend Scott had a problem with this concept over ten years ago when I tried to convince him how much weight he would lose if he stopped eating bread. So many people had been hypnotized into believing that :low fat" dieting was the way to lose wight and had been eating "low fat" for years. Within two weeks of no bread...weight loss is stunning. Then if you reduce noodles and other starches...well weight loss is easy. I laughed hard at "crusty delicious bread". I laugh because I like what goes on bread...not the actual flavourless boring bread har!

Yes, beer can be an issue. I hardly have drank beer in years and years...mainly because I will drink something alcohol with less carbs than beer. Beer is like bread because of the yeast and malt. I've had beer that was made with a sprouted grain...and sprouts of plants are quite different than the static grain for nutritional value. A sprouted bean or grain is not bad and is low carb. Sprouted foods are cool especially since it falls under the realm of "raw food".

Four Dinners said...

Go to http://thejagster.blogspot.com and I guarentee you'll never eat fish again!!! Fucking horrible Chinese bastards!!!!!

Right...off for a bacon buttie....

mister anchovy said...

You know, Kiki had me keeping a sourdough monster for the longest time, and I was making a loaf every weekend, and believe me that was awesome, crusty and delicious and went down well with a cold beer and some bbq, believe me (and if bbq Ontario sweet corn was involved too, wow!). One day the monster went crazy...I had it in a jar on top of the fridge and it escaped down the side of the fridge. I thought it was going to attack the cats. And then I lost my focus and forgot to feed it and it turned into a science experiment. I discovered the joys of baking bread in a dutch oven. It holds the steam in and makes the crust amazing. Of course all that is ancient Canadian history. I don't need no stinkin' bread. Har!

Beej said...

Candy, did you know oreos are 100% vegan food? Just thought you would like to know:)

I wish I had more veggie dishes to share with you. I Do love to cook cannelini beans in a little olive oil and garlic and then mix it with cooked greens. Try it sometime and let me know what you think.

Mr Anchovy, 25 lb lost is amazing! Or as Candy so eloquently put it, "Holy sheep shit!!"

Lee said...

Hi Candy, I have a goal to go vegan by January 1st so I'm checking out a bunch of vegan blogs. Some of them might be helpful to you!

Off the top of my head some of them are called:
Your Vegan Mom
Vegan Dad
Post Punk Kitchen
Cooking from 1000 Vegan Recipes

There are more but I'll have to go check my list.
Love Lee

Lee said...
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Lee said...

Two more blogs are
vegan yum yum (I also have her cookbook which I'm currently reading and it's yummy!)

Vegan tickles

All of these have large blog rolls with loads more vegan blogs and recipes. I've just started exploring.

Oh yes and one more thing. Ginny Messina is a GR friend of mine and she is an awesome Vegan Dietitian. She has a blog called The Vegan Dietitian which is excellent!

Candy Minx said...

Wow!!! Thanks everybody! Beej, I will try the beans very soon, sounds delish. I did know Oreo's a re all vegan. In fact, that brings up a long observation of mine...have you ever noticed how some vegans look so unhealthy? When I first became a vegetarian at the rip old age of 13...I had a massive sweet tooth. All the I'm sure it's the time I ate the least nutritiously...but then teens have a track record of eating crap no? I just try not to fall into craving sugar. Did you know that the craving of sugar or starch is probably a craving for protein?

Lee, I'll check out those blogs...be sure to research proteins. Proteins are the major challenge to being vegetarian and vegan. I don't know if I would ever go completely vegan. I buy cheese that is carefully made and meat that came from game and freeanimals as much as possible. I like what Michael Pollan says..."eat food, mostly plants, not too much"

...and Mister Anchovy...have you been told yet today?


Aw, don't worry there is life without bread. We did just fine for 65 million years without bread.

And as for Kiki and her bread...we've had a long standing ongoing discussion spanning decades about bread, starch and life and death. Ha ha...she's trying to get her family to eat more vegetarian. Har!

Love ya all!