Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camera Obscure

I lost my camera. Sometime during the evening of the Soundgarden concert. This is very unusual for me to lose something like this. I am very careful with my purse and it's contents.

So this is why I haven't posted any pics in two weeks hoping to track it down at concert venue,taxi or pub from the night. Fortunately most of the pics from our trip I have posted here on my blog. Another reason to love blogs. But the pics from our trip across Canada arelost. I am able to collect a few from fb and email but shit it's a drag.

We are fine and still having a wonderful visit with friends and family in Toronto. My girlfriend Suz has driven into town this weekend from Montreal. Tonight were going to see Herzog movie with mister anchovy and Tuffy p. Review forthcoming.

Cheers xo

3 comments: said...

Glad you are having a wonderful time and sorry you lost your camera. What a bummer. Hope you find it soon or someone turns it back in or something..

mister anchovy said...

Great to see you two yesterday! Looking forward to your thoughts on the Cave movie. I think your impressions and perspective on it are much different than Tuffy's and mine in that you considered Mr. Herzog's history of work in forming an opinion about what he was trying to accomplish. What I was left with, really, was that it was great to get a really good look at those remarkable images.

Candy Minx said...

Hi NBR, still didn't find camera...thank god I posted most of the pics here on my blog. Whew!

Mr A, what fun seeing that movie with you and Tuffy P. I can see it not being everyones cup of teas but I will post a review shortly. Herzogs history of work is only interesting to me in comparison with this doc because he makes truly fresh diocs...avoiding formula in a weird mysterious way...he breaks a lot of rules, in my this doc and his previous docs.