Friday, July 29, 2011

Figurative Art

You know I sometimes joke around that people don't buy art...but actually they do. They just don't buy traditional art like sculpture or painting too often. Art they do buy includes tattoos, Broadway shows, skins with design for their cell phones and dance tv competitions. These dance compition shows have returned the human body back into popular art. The above dance is spectacular, I hope you have time to watch it. It is choreographed by Mandy Moore I mean Sonja Tahej...

Sonja She cites the influence of Detroit culture — the "home of Motown, Techno, and other forms of inventive dance" — as a foundation for her art. After exploring the possibilities of "freestyle movement," Tayeh studied form and technique at Wayne State University, where she drew on dance history, anatomy, and performance to develop a style that is built on core strength, aggressive partner interaction, and quirky, stylized movements. From Wiki

Another amazing dance was again choregraphed by Sonja and it brought tears...even to Lady Gaga! How cool that Gaga was one of the judges. The music was Buckley and heartbreaking.

Another choreographer I like is Mandy Moore, who totally cracks me up...well she is also a very emotional choreographer and storyteller..The reason I laugh sometimes is she is right from the 80's in her taste. Many of the song choices she makes are from the 80's. (see above video...with song "Total Eclipse Of The Heart")In the 80's I worked in a nightclub that had a on staff dance troupe who would perform every Friday and Saturday night for 20 minutes around 9 p.m. Not only was the dance troupe really good but they usually broke the ice on the dance floor and after their performance the previously empty dance floor would fill up with the patrons. I would always go into the club when I was working to watch the dance show and to watch them rehearse, and many times there were a few of us who hung out with the dancers offhours...and I have fond memories of those times. Some of those dancers went on to jobs in big shows. Anyways...Mandy Moore and her taste in music and her choreography reminds me of that era of dance troupe. Here is a great picture of her...

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