Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weather Bookmarks

Okay we left town during a major winter snowstorm and conditions. We get back during a heatwave. I'll tell ya though I much prefer driving in the heatwave than with all the snow. It's like a dream to drive in Chicago now that its not winter, har!

We left Toronto around noon and got across the border and back into Chicago in 10 hours...with lots of diversions and poor driving conditions so I hope that means I can make it next time I go up in 9 hours!

We had two intense rain storms to the point where I had zero visibility and had to pull over till the rain passed. The other time I had to pull over like that was months ago in Florida when the visibility was gone.

We still have no idea what we are doing but I've moved a lot of stuff around grandmas house and we are holed up there for now. I've been job hunting all week and thats about all I know. I hope to get some internet by next week and our computer back up and running, wish me luck. We need to replace a drive that was damaged and I've got an upgrade to install. The phones still don't dial out properly at Grandmas so I shall probably have to switch service over to a new company with internet etc. So...if I have't phoned you yet its because your number begins with somethign other than area code 773...and the old phone line won't let us dial out. I am working on amending this situation, har! Should have renewed service on my cell phone too. I couldn't make a payment through the companies in Canada and most of our money had gone to fix car back in I'm playiong catch up here.

Does it feel weird to be off the road trip? To be back home? No it feels different I have a much more relaxed attitude to our lack of direction. I'm sure the fact that it is 100 degrees outside has me complacent or relaxed. I might just fill the car with paintbrushes and do some housepainting but I just don't know yet.

We have ac but I may just go pick up a wading pool today so we can lie in the backyard. Maybe a small bbq too. That's all I got going on at the moment.

I did however catch up on "So YOu Think You Can Dance" episodes at my daughters place in Toronto. We had a few cocktails and watched the last few weeks. So I was all caught up for last nights episode. I have some favourites including Jess, Melanie, and last night Sasha blew me away I just LOVED their hip hop routine...this is really really AWESOME!

(next week LADY GAGA is a judge, not to be missed!)


mister anchovy said...

A bbq and a wading pool sound nice. We set up one of those little kiddie pools for the dogs. Ellie Mae thinks it's an appropriately sized water bowl.

I think I've made it to Chicago in 9 hours but 10 is about normal because something always happens or distracts for a quick drive.

Candy Minx said...

Yeah, I think you're right about the 9 hours versus 10 hours. But 10 hours is a heck of a lot better time than the bus!

Wading pool for the dogs is a great idea!

Four Dinners said...

Sounds like British Summertime!!

Lady Gaga is judging something???

Oh dear...I can't wait to see whatever it is!!!

An old pal of mine spent 18 months in Chicago about 2 years ago...he has yet to recover...;-)

X. Dell said...

(1) I love the shortness and sweetness of the previous post.

That comes to 22 mpg, BTW.

(2) I would think that it feels weird being home. I've sometimes been away for years at a time, and it's always taken a period of adjustment--especially with the weather we've had lately.

Of course, days like this make me long for snowstorms.