Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some Numbers

30 cities
2 tents
631 photos
17 bonfires
94 sold paintings
4 new tires
1 new muffler
5 hostels
9,659 miles
32 fill ups
$1,664 gas
1 stollen tent

1000s of people we love


Jason Messinger said...


Candy Minx said...

Hi Jason! Wonderful to hear your voice yesterday. Can't wait till we get together...and play a word board game...enjoy some summer weather. Stay cool today it's nuts out there! xo

Four Dinners said...

and 1 Four Dinners who loves yer babe!...;-) xx

eugene.knapik said...

wow!!!!! said...

Trying to stay cool here in WI its 97 degrees and that is not the humidity.. I dont know what that is.. Anyway glad your home and those numbers are impressive..

Anonymous said...

ugh!! your camera!!!

You didn't leave ANY of your photos on our computer???

Your numbers are great, but where is
1 griz?

love you and I'll try to find that number.


Candy Minx said...

4 Dins, love ya right back!

Mr. A, we probably cut over to 10,000 miles with driving around inside cities but I didn't keep tight record of that. The mileage is between stops and cities.

NBR, oh it's so hot here too. Thank god grandmas has air conditioning. I'll be heading into WI in the next week or two and will let you know if I'm near your place.

Kiki, can you believe the camera? I've not lost something like that's just a drag. I've phoned everywhere and trying Craigslist. Also, can you believe someone stole our tent? Harumph!

thehealingroom said...

Seems to me that the gas was fairly reasonable considering how far and l-o-n-g you went.
What about the camera????
lots of love

Gardenia said...

Hey, so glad to hear news of you. Same heat here and muggy wet. Not much new, oh yes, there is but too much and not for a comment. This was a times of life shifts, yes? Now to put it all together. I pray you will be led to what is perfect for both of you for this time in the world and your lives.

Gardenia said...

Just saw the bit about the stolen tent. :( But it so served its purpose while in your possession. . . goodbye tent - wish it could send a letter telling you of its next journey............