Sunday, March 11, 2012

24 Hour Dance Music

Yesterday we had to grab a cab with our groceries (yeah, car bit the bullet...our mechanic is looking for another one for us) and the cab driver was crazy. He had the radio on and kept blaring this song...which I love but he was making our ears bleed. Anyways its been in my head since. We actually had been at a pub the other night and a New Order song came on the jukebox. I have seen them a couple of times and used to love them so much. Spent many hours dancing to them. Today when I found these videos Stagg showed me his dance moves to how he would dance to this song...he had some very specific moves. Quite impressive. I used to go to this club near Joseph and isabella off Yonge Street called VooDoo...with a friend Jane and I have this intense memory of her dancing to New Order in a wonderful tribal patterned mini skirt.

And here is a rough version by Black Eyed Peas and Jay-z.


Furtheron said...

Peter Hook! Love his sound... however as a thoroughly miserable sod I prefer the Joy Division stuff - Love will Tear Us Apart should be the UK National Anthem

Candy Minx said...

Love Will Tear Us Apart is the definitive song of the 80's even though from the 70s. Greatest song ever!

mister anchovy said...

I never had the taste for that music, but I do remember Jane.