Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quick Notes About A Couple of Movies

I'm behind on writing about some of the movies we've watched...some from last year. These are all out on dvd or older and been reviewed but I just feel like keeping a note here...

Catfish. I really liked this movie and I liked the young film makers a lot. Watching the movie forces you to ask questions about how documentaries are made, what is art,, what is forgery or fake?. These are intellectual questions. On a whole other level this movie is profound about people. Particularly one woman and her family. through the film we slowly begin to meet a family. This is an internet story. Some hipster artists in New York City make cyber friends with a family in Michigan. Here we see the fast artsy life of young bachelors contrasted with the rural pie-making horseback riding world of "regular" people in Michigan. There are a lot of mysteries in this movie. And still long after watching it I find myself thinking about...what is art? What is friendship? What defines art and fake art and what makes people from very different backgrounds make friends? And more questions than this. This movie is difficult. I highly recommend this movie. 10/10.

The Descendants. I love the opening voice over with shots of gorgeous Hawaii and homeless people. Clever. And this movie keeps on giving. Here we see played out the history of patriarchy in America and its weaknesses and finally its deliverance and healing. Great "dad movie". Very funny in parts and very emotional. I dont have much to add that hasn't been already said about how good this movie is. One favourite moment is when the father, George Clooney, says to the three kids..."You guys act like you don't have any respect for authority." Duh, welcome to the new world order old man! 10/10.

Moneyball. Visitors to my blog know I love anthropology and viewing the worlds problems by following the money. Or the numbers. Why don't some people eat pork? Because the value of meat to damage of land isn't worth it. Why is a cow sacred to some people? Because the cow is worth more by using it's milk for protein rather than its meat. I have alienated some people in my life by my non-romantic view of society's customs and habits. Sometimes I don't say things gently, I say them in a manner reflecting this counter-intuitive perspective. Tersely. I storm in with my opinions and often these opinions are not popular. (yet... ha ha). I love Marvin Harris and his theories of "why we do what we do" that is based on the simple premise that "human social life is a response to the practical problems of earthly existence". This theory informed my young mind as I was growing up. When books and theories like Freakonomics and Jared Diamonds Guns Germs and Steel became popular...I felt the biggest high. Finally examining social life by its practical problems and solutions has come to mainstream in the last 15 years. The reason Moneyball is so good is because it documents the kind of approach to problems in social life by looking at patterns of behaviour rather than magical thinking, superstition or romantic belief systems and stale thinking. I enjoyed the struggle of the characters trying to comprehend a way of looking at the game of baseball (and as a metaphor for life) and not accepting the paradigm shift. I get that...I've seen that look on many peoples faces over the years heh heh. AND...I have felt that resistance to a new way of looking at the world myself. It's hard to resist our cultural programming. I love Moneyball because it is a great story entertaining story but also because it is so exciting to see the positive and liberating effects of studying patterns and environment rather than belief systems as a path for transformation. 10/10.

Leap Year. Amy Adams is so fantastic. I cant wait to see her in the upcoming On The Road. Here she is in a romantic lead. I love the simple story, the sexual tension and banter and all the scenes of Ireland.I just wanted to hop on a plane and go to Ireland. Sweet movie. 8/10.

My Week with Marilyn. All that really matters about this movie is whether we believe Michelle Williams is Marilyn Monroe. Yes we do! 10/10.


Furtheron said...

Hmm... however The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists is coming out and has to be top of my list to watch next... :-)

Candy Minx said...

Oh Yes! The Pirates in an Adventure With Scientists looks amazing1 I can't wait.