Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Stagg and I love going to Century Landmark Theatre to see movies. We often go for Sangria and pizza at Rinaldis after the movie. Or shop in the area before the movie. Here is a brilliant mural in the cinamas lobby. It is made from something like electrical tape. Or gaffers tape. Click on pictures to see up close. Isnt that marvelous?

Gaffers tape is always around on a film set. The electrician, or gaffer, (one of the people you hire a real good gaffer) usually has all kinds of coloured gaffers tape hanging by bungies or cords from their waist on set. If you don't have a good electrician, you can blow the electrical in a location scene. You want to make sure all the lights and power sources are safe when filming. So this mural I think is so cool because it connects from the film set to the theatre with its material and content.

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Furtheron said...

That's brilliant!