Monday, March 05, 2012

One Night At Work

Stagg and I are working such different hours so sometimes he comes to my work to pick me up. These are pics taken at an event at the new building of the Old Town School of Folk. Downstairs in the lobby drifting upstairs are about 20 people playing bluegrass jam. Such a great place to work! In this pc above is Stagg talking to Marvin. Marvin is in a picture in this old post...scroll down to see Tricia and jenny holding him in the air! Sometimes Stagg and I don't see each other for a day or so. for example he was asleep when I woke up yesterday. Then I went to work and got home and he's not home. When I woke up this morning, he is asleep. When I get home from work tonight he will be at he will likely meet me at work tomorrow night. We usually stop for a beer and some snacks before we catch a bus back home. Or we try to catch a late movie if my bar closes early enough.

Here is Michael another bartender here at Old Town sometimes we work together at the bar.

Oh oh I just got a phone call from my friend Rowena in Florida...must run...we stayed with her and her husband, our bookclub internet buddy Rick, this time last year on our crazy road trip!

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