Sunday, March 24, 2013

Neighbourhood Redux 3

 Here on Roosevelt is a great little area. It's an hour walk from our place...s I really call it the most practical place for us to go for Trader Joe's and other groceries. This pic above is taken from the Jewel grocery store parking lot and you can see Trader Joe's across the street. There's  Starbucks too if you need to use Wifi.
 Doesn't it feel like a little town? It's actually a very busy area...which used to be terribly rough several years ago. It's a very busy part of town and fighting to have people live and enjoy life right there. The Trader Joe's only opened up just a year and a half ago there. It's a very nice outlet with some different linds of displays. I love visiting dofferent TJs. Um, and we;ll pretend the Jewel where I'm taking the picture below didn't have a robbery
there last week, okay?

I thought this product of a tie for the coffee bag and a scoop "in one" was a great idea. I wish it was more attractive looking though. In cool colours or something.

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