Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Things

 Ha ha love...
 Here is my dream bedroom...also LOVE
 Sometimes I grab a beer and a lovely bowl of soup here at The Berghoff
. Apparently it's Chicago's oldest restaurant which I find astounding. They made beer for the Cicago World's Fair and still make beer. They do not have Wifi which I find rather annoying. But it's still an okay place to switch it up and write.

 I still am laughing at this facebook photo passed around. Not the bug, the idea of talking to Evolution like a person makes me break down laughing, I love this.
 Sometimes this sculpture disappears but on this occassion it was bold.

I think this graffiti is so gorgeous I could stare at it all day.

 Oh look aren't mini vegetables so adorable? These are mini-zucini and delicious. Of course they are more expensive than regular sized zucini which does't make sense...they're smaller shouldn't they be cheaper? We dipped them in hummous.
 Here is Robert one of my co-workers at Old Town School Of Folk Music. He is a producer and we work often on weekends. He takes care of the bands. I like his t-shirt. "Old time music is the new punk rock".


Eugene Knapik said...

Nope, Old time music is not the new punk rock, and anyway who would want that? Not me.

Candy Minx said...

Ha ha well, I take it to me that old time music is the new alternative in the tradition of punk...

And old time music really is the hipsters and alternative sound right now. Of course there really isn't any "alternative" counterculture anymore since EVERYONE believes they are alternative and cool and terribly unique. lol said...

hey woman. how are the two of you? anyway one more amazing post you have done. i like how you got the orange on the one photo up above. its just beautiful.