Sunday, October 15, 2006


Attention The Underground Baker and Mister Anchovy both of you have checked out the online bookclub I've participated in for ten years. And you're both fans of McCarthy's work. I've spent many irreplaceable hours telling you about online arguments and discussions well lookie here, somebody else noticed:

From The New York Times Book Review:

"Eleven-Seven: Cormac McCarthy's fans--they gather in the forums of 'the official Web site of the Cormac McCarthy society'--are smarter, and definately more laid back, than those of just about any other living writer. They have names like Clem, and tend to refer to themselves as 'fellers.' Watching them hash out their feelings about McCarthy's new novel, 'The Road'--see No. 4 on the fiction list--is like listening to the members of Waylon Jennings's old band talking on a back porch somewhere, smoking cigarettes and plunking squirrels with varmint rifles. One burning issue in the forums right now is McCarthy's strategic deployment of the number 117. In his new novel, 1:17 a.m. is when clocks stop and the world ends. In his last one, 'No Country for Old Men,' there was a gristly motel murder in Room 117. And so on. Is McCarthy referencing the Book of Revelations? Genesis? Who knows? 'That's the Bible: you can make it support an argument any which way.'"


mister anchovy said...

you get full credit for you know I followed the McCarthy forum for some months and even did a little posting, but I just don't have that much to say about anybody's books.

Candy Minx said...

Well, you know, we talk about all kinds of stuff. It's an endless conversation if you stick to life and death!

Ink Casualty said...

it's a joke on the 7/11 convienence stores. Trust is!

Lynn said...

Well looks like you are doing the jig today!
Happy C&C Monday!