Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Take Requests. Yeah, Like A Piano Bar.

Stagg eats a lot of cereal. I've introduced him to organic cereal, yep, some of the big American cereal companies have started making organic cereal. And he will eat muesli, but I don't think he really likes it, but he doesn't complain so it's hard to tell. So what to do with all that cardboard? Stick them all together. Not only saving landfill room, a tree, but also, how much would canvas or thick paper cost? so I'm recycling and saving money. Sweeeet.

Here you can see the beginings backgrounds hanging next to Sean's portrait, which I have finished and titled INSULIN.

Okay, so * asked if I ever paint drips going UP. Yes, I do, so here, for *, I turn the painting upside down to make some flourescent pink drips. Delicious!

Above a little detail. sorry when I turn off the flash my shaky hands muss up the photos. Below is the painting, at this stage, turned right side up. Anyone have any more requests? Something you'd like to see in this painting? I'll do my best to recreate your vision and request. Hey why not? I am thinking of calling this painting Asterisk's Brew.


Karen said...

I still don't completely "get it" but I've never been an artsy type (as you said before, I'm more of a science type). However, I am enjoying the process!

* (asterisk) said...

Candy Minx, you are a genius! Great job. I think the name is perfect (natch), and I love the swirling elements -- they look like sea urchins of some sort. And the upward drips look fab in pink. Very cool.

Suze said...

Candy, I think this is marvelous and the pink is so Asterisk. *giggle*

Spangly Princess said...

wow how amazing, I adore it. congratulations on your creativity and energy.

will definitely stop back to look at more of your stuff.

Fruning Graplecard said...

Remarkable. If it was a film it would be a John Waters film with Devine in it.