Sunday, October 08, 2006

More search words to here

These are just from less than two weeks.

sick cold
ping pong project
rinna workout
diamond jim green
candy gays
india food money
gallon deep candy red paint
vegas season premiere
minx fire dancer
hobo art gum wrappers
dave pollard lasd
cocoon tightens colors tease
religious teachings masterbation
world of candy
the view rosie epidural
utube treadmill video
nostalgia for urban
nottingham features
what is the purpose of art
gnostic circle jewelry
borges anchor siden
japan current lifestyle
pagan eucharist
canuck critics
wily minx
cashier sign
favorite coffee shop chicago
valkyries montreal busker
does las vegas spray adrenochrome in the air (any Hunter S. Thompson fans out there?)
detroit web camera
wax museum and elwood blues
mentration and spiritual practices
blodd meridian quotes
cormac mccarthy god death
northrop frye comedy contains potential tragedy within itself
online matchmaking uses and gratification
upside down catastrophe creativity and the renewal of civilization
typical neighbourhood
art investment fund
it is plain that the truth I am seeking lies not in the cup but myself put down the cup and
stanley isler gay
spiritual masterbation
gay marriage lowering birth rate
gun crack


Shep said...

Wily Minx! Excellent!

* (asterisk) said...

Some good ones there, Candy. I've been keeping track of mine too -- every day, which is a new thing for me. I currently have a massive list from about the same time frame as you. I'll put it up soon.