Friday, February 16, 2007

Good Food and Art For Auction

The James Hotel hosted a fundraiser art auction to benenfit needy people living with HIV/AIDS. The party was sold out and people were hunting for art. The food was wickedly good.
Loving the bartenders.
Stagg checking to see if anybody has placed bids...they placed LOTS.
Can you see Stagg's? It's the one lower down and made up of sticker logos and is called MyTube. one has bid on my painting. I'm getting nervous. Honestly every other painting has a bid. Mine looks all lonely there...will anyone take Asterisk's Brew home? It's the bright pink one on the left there.

I had to dig out the warm boots's a beautiful clear night.
Looks like she bought some art, it's all bundled up to go home.

D.J. Oskar is just about to spin some Madonna. And yes...someone took home Asterisk's Brew!!! I saw a well dressed handsome man pick it up...but I was too shy to go say hi. I wonder if he will find this blog and see these pictures?


Red said...

Yay! It sold! Halfway through this post, I was feeling sorry for Asterisk's Brew too, all alone, with no bids. So by the end I was cheering out loud! Well done, you, Minxie!

I am in awe of your warm boots collection...

* (asterisk) said...

"Bye bye, Asterisk's Brew": a commemorative poem

Oh, bye bye, Asterisk's Brew...
It's been a pleasure knowing you.
You looked great with drips in pink.
Going up, they made us think.

And now you've found a home,
no longer need you roam.
You'll hang upon a wall,
bringing joy to all
who see you.

Red said...

But what's with being too shy to go and say hi to the dude who bought it? That doesn't sound like you... or does it?

Bright Eyes is playing a show in Chicago on 25 February at the Metro, and * and I were talking last night about how you and Stagg should check it out. And * was like, "I bet Candy will go up to him and say "My friend really loves you! She's in England...", take a picture with him and post it on your blog! We let our imagination run away with us a little... Wouldn't it be cool, though? But not if you're too shy to do so, of course... (Does that sound like a dare? It isn't meant to be, really!)

Tamarai said...

Well done, Candy Minx!

me said...

"I wonder if he will find this blog and see these pictures?"

only if you put the address on it somewhere!

was that a "doh" i faintly heard?

Karen said...

Congratulations Candy! Woooo hoooo! And of course to Stagg as well. It looks and sounds as though you had a great time and all for a good cause.

mister anchovy said...

looks like it was a fun event, and people got to go home with art at good prices, too!

rauf said...

Its a normal practice that the buyer meets the artist if he or she is present. Some one appreciating your work and buying it is a good feeling Candy, Next time please don't hesitate to say Hi, the buyer always appreciates it and considers an honour to shake hands with the artist.

Been traveling a lot Candy, not been able to keep up visiting blogs, when i come back from travel it takes a week or ten days to reply to all the mail piled up
I am growing old and getting tired soon. I sincerely apologise for not visiting you often Candy.

Timmer said...

My Tube and Asterisk's Brew rock, lucky people!

thehealingroom said...

I agree with Rauf.
Whenever I buy someone's art, I am ALWAYS thrilled to have it personalised in some way, like a book signed or meeting the artist of a very cool painting!
If you signed it Candy Minx, then chaces are, he will find your blog.
Its just a short google away!

Anonymous said...

congrats on selling your art! And that bartender looks a bit like Steve Irwin :-)

Candy Minx said...

Red, it was a fun night and a good feeling that Asterisk's Brew and MyTube went to homes last night. I have a boot fetish, I'm sure you've gathered by now...of course in the party room of the hotel I was boiling to death...but cozy outside!

*, What a great good-bye poem adorable and funny. Loved it you talented mofo you!

Red, again...well, I didn't want to seem needy that's why I didn't go up and meet the guy who was carrying my painting. I think I put Staggs blog and my blog addresses on the backs of the paintings so hopefully they will stop by and even introduce themselves. So many paintings were framed or on canvas...and John Cage once said that we need to free our art from boxes and frames(prisons) so I was glad to see that someone had the idea that Asterisk's Brew was going to be quite lovely inside a warm vibrant decorated apartment!!! I will totally mention Bright Eyes, we are due to go to a show...lets see if we can make it happen...I'll let you know. Heck, if we go I'll get us backstage ha ha!

Tanya, hi ya girl, thanks and thanks for stopping by too!

Cappy, yes, I took the paintings into the donations weeks ago...but I remember writing our blogs on the back. Yep, "doh" is a word I use all the time!

Karen, we did have a good time. Stagg and I are really burnt out this week...and almost thought about not know some of the weird shit that's been going on...but then we just said hell let's the woords "open bar" mean anything hee hee!!! Wonderful raost beef with au jus and pesto noodles and lots of cured meats. Heaven! We were the classic starving artists too going back for seconds and more and a couple of desserts, you'd be proud of us Karen!

Mister Anchovy, yes the kind of event it was lends itself to the art going home and for really "guilt free shopping" was really fun to see the paintings all swathed in bubble wrap.

Rauf, yes, maybe I should have said hello...I just wanted to be "cool". I am so pleased to see you...and hear that you have been travelling because that means you must have lots of photos for us over at your blog. I love you so much Rauf...through the spirit I feel in your blog, in your photos, in your ideas and thoughts...that it makes me very sad to hear you say you feel old and tired. I know you are not that old...I hope a bit of water and sleep...maybe some nice food will debrief you and give you a second breath of air. Life is a pendulum and our energy swings back and forth. You mean so much to me with your ideas...please rest and know I am thinking lots of energy and love and meditation your way.

Tim, hey baby!! Thansk, Yes, MyTube of Stagg's is the coolest little pic. I saw a lot of people pointing at it and reading and talking about it.

Hey Healing Room, thanks I am sure they will be stopping by soon. I also like talking to artists that I like their work, or if we buy is a great feeling.

Janet, oh you crack me up...well Steve Irwin made a hell of a drink!!! The drinks were provided by Grey goose Vodka their flavoured vodka edition. As a many time bartender I find those kinds of details interesting...and I love to chat to the bartenders. Cheers babe!

Gardenia said...

Great that you both sold! Sounds like a fun event too. Oh, do not be too shy - my friend who is doing very well now with sales - when I first met her she just bounced on up and introduced herself - she believed in developing relationships with folks - her theory was that many folks prefer to "know" the artist whose work they buy. I think she might have a point. This gal marketed her way up into galleries in middle Florida - it was a pleasure bumming around with her a bit to see how she kibbitzed! You be proud, you beautiful lady, give them that dazzling smile and a big hello and a bit of chit-chat.


I was very fond of Asterisks Brew. Hope its a good home. Well done babe x

Underground Baker said...

No wonder you haven't been posting on your blog for a few days - you are forum crazy!!!!Come back home girl.

(Whew, I'm really tired from all that reading, and those big words, too.)

Gardenia said...

Candy, I just read your comment on Asterisk's post re: Anna Nicole. You are my hero....what a heart you have!

Amy Ruttan said...

SO did it get a bid. What a great night. I wish I could have been there, it's a great cause and you a great way to raise funds. Awesome!