Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Unexplained

This is not an action packed I haven't really ever been one of those people who experienced a lot of strange phenomenon...but I have always been surrounded and drawn to people who have. I wonder how many folks who stop by this blog have strange bizarre happenings in their lives? Basically, I've enjoyed Star Trek and The X-Files and aside from being raised by several believers I don't have too many unexplained events. I didn't know what to write about went to Amy Ruttans blog to get some inspiration and noticed she posted about Ghostbusters, a movie I also love...and she has a side bar saying she would like to write a novel about the paranormal.


2)When I was about 10 years cousin and a friend and I would sneak into an abandonded fully furnished house on Quadra Island. We believed the house was haunted and we would sneak in like Nancy Drew and Wuthering Heights and try to find a hidden diary. Fortunately we never got caught and charged with B&E. We eventually found out who owned the house and went and spoke to the woman who had moved out and lived a few doors down. It turned out she was really involved in the paranormal and she taught a class on ESP at the local high school and when we went to high school we took her class. Once, when I was a young adult...I was visiting Quadra Island, and I went up to this old house and knocked on the door as a whole new family had bought the place and lived there. Somehow I managed to confess my adventures as a kid, and convince them for a tour of their house all legit.

3)My cats have always stared at invisible things on the ceilings. It's disconcerting those wacky cats.

4)My grandfather once sat on the end of my bed and chatted with me. He had been dead several years.

5)I was travelling in europe and reading A Hitchhikers Guide To The Universe I lost my copy in a train station. A couple days later, a few hundred miles away, I found a copy on a park bench.

6)I once lived in an apartment that books fell off my shelves and the bath tub would start running full on. It didn't bother me, I found it funny, although weird...but when friends were visiting they hated it...

7)There used to be a homeless woman who lived more or less in a bus shelter at Victoria and Queen East in the 80's in Toronto. Every time I walked past her she would mumble a statement...and then later that day, it would come true. Thats when I realized she was making predicitons. I would always give her a couple of bucks. I actually landed up writing an entire character based her for a short film, his character was played by Adain Devine.

8) Oh I'm working on this , Oprah comes on in the background and she has a show on ESP.

9) I can't really say I believe in the paranormal, but I've always been interested in hearing about people's experiences. I am not psychic or very dream conscious. My father is an atheist and my mother believes in everything from ufos to reincarnation to Atlantis.

10) I don't believe in coincidences...I do however like to feel things and make a lot of my personal and professional decisions on whether something feels right or not. I have rarely had a paranormal or ghost or unexplained spooky thing happen to I can't even hardly make this list and wonder why I even thought I would try...

11) I have several friends who practice Wicca, astrology and one works as an agent for a medical intuitive.

12) I went to two group meditations with this medical intuitive in Ontario and he was girlfriend went with me, and ever since her chronic pain in her knee and back has gone away.

13) We had a customer at a bar where I worked for years and he was very old and went into the hospital. He was a super cool guy, had seen all kinds of famous jazz musicians met Mohommad Ali, partied with the Rat Pack...he had a lot of great stories and we were all very fond of him. I went to visit him. I decided to go visit him again, and then I found out he died. then we found out it was just a rumour. so I went to the hospital to see him again, because it was so sad to hear he had died, but then he didn't. I said no matter how bad the weather was...I would go see him. I get to the hospital, and the nurse tells me, he just died a second before I arrived but I can see him in a few minutes. URP.

Um...wait, what? But I had made a promise to go see him...So I waited and then she ushered me into his hospital room. I didn't know what to do especially as when I went in the room...he felt like he was still there. No seriously, he was still there. I sat down and meditiated for a while and wished him a good voyage. This was very humbling for me...and I think it's very self centered to assume that the spirit just dies. I felt it is not my business to label this world as a final place...

Um, sorry I don't have any wild experiences...but the weird thing with all of a sdden half way through writing these notes Oprahs show being about ESP is just too funny. Makes me feel it's a sign and jsut now as her show ends...she is going to talk about the scientific communities research in ESP...too bad I didn't watch her show this morning before I started this post, oh well...maybe I should rent the movie What The Bleep again...

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Anonymous said...

2 quotes from Hitchikers guide to galaxy to share:

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so."

"In the beginning the universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and is widely considered as a bad move."

- From Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Amy Ruttan said...

Very cool TT. You know it's funny I remember clearly when I was a child chatting to a tall African American man, who I think was my spirit guide. I haven't seen from him in years.

# 2 I predicted the death of several family members so I get skittish when I dream that someone I love is going to die.

#3 I can totally predict the gender of a baby in a mother's womb. I haven't been wrong yet.

I totally remember that old homeless woman (seeing how I am originally from T.O.)

And two years ago at the ROM, something walked through me.

I'll have to do a TT, on all the weird stuff that happened to me with respect to paranormal.

rauf said...

I have none Candy, but heard stories which I don't believe.
the one I saw made me think.

70's my new neighbours, they have an infant daughter, Muslims.

Then came twins after 3 years, both girls.

Parents not keen on educating the daughters, They want a son. I fight for them and send them to school.
First girl is intelligent, turns out to be too intelligent later on, she married my friend. Parents were not willing to send her to college, i fight for her and send her to college.

The girl twins are not doing well at school. mid 80's now. I am the family adviser and the family priest (yes I was religious in my younger days)

one day both the twin girls start screaming non stop. The trouble began on same day for both of them.
Both throwing things tearing clothes. I advised them to take the girls to a hospital for check up, i thought both girls cooked up some plan to annoy the parents. My advise was ignored. i was confused myself. They were taken to faith healers. no use. One day both of them turned silent. They are silent till today. they just smile at me. Both the kids loved me very much. They moved out very far from my house, father died. mother hates me.

Underground Baker said...

Hey, I had someone sit at the end of my bed once too. But it was after you moved out. I remember looking at him and thinking - hey, its grandpa, although I don't know what he looked like. Weird.

You took me to that house on Quadra as well. I thought it was so beautiful with those big beds that it tempered my terror.

Candy Minx said...

Richard, super quotes, it's still such a fun book isn't it? I stopped by your blog, it's very cool.

Amy, Yes, I hope you do post some of your strange occurances. And I think a novel as a historical romance combined with paranormal would be really amazing. what a story! It is both fascinating and tragic. It sounds as if the twin girls must have had some terrible event happen to them. It is hard to imagine what could have made them silent...I hope they are okay. I was so pleased to see you stopped by today, thank you! I love hearing your stories and perspective.

Hey Underground Baker, yes, I was terrified when we broke into the house on Quadra too...I guess that was part of the draw. It's weird that I even remembered that today or was thinking about, I never hardly even just kind of came into my mind. Boy, sounds like grandpa really made the rounds huh?

me said...

cool? the guide is THEEEEEE book! i re-read all five religiously every year!

bit spooky that you do a post about paranormal stuff, and no1 disappears!

Anonymous said...

First I am so glad you art found a home and that party looked like FUN!

And, for your 13? I am a believer, baby! I thought the Oprah show was good adn John did a good job explaining. My girlfriend is like Alison Dubois.

Anyway, I am physic and do talk to to my sister, I helped my FIL cross over and sometimes other Loved Ones come thru w. messages.

Right now Guidance has me working on my channelings and they want them on a blog. I am kinda doing that and if you are interested can send you the link.

Have a great weekend!

thehealingroom said...

Hi Candy,
I loved going into The House on Quadra. Remember finding the books in the attic?
I could add to your list of paranormal stuff that happened to you....with your permission of course!! Not only do I have an excellent memory...but I still have some letters and documentation that we made in the 70's.
I go back and forth from calling it "paranormal" to "perfectly normal."
I believe we are unlimited creative energetic beings. But we don't always see the bigger picture.
I loved reading this post and all the comments are fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Interesting list...just because we can't see things doesnt' mean they're not there...

Joy Renee said...

i have had quite a few spooky experiences. 'someone' in a hooded robe with a glowing face sat on the foot of my bed once when I was about eighteen. i had a very vivid dream encounter in august 05 with my dad during the very hours he was enduring brain surgery over 300 miles away--and then woke to an excruciating headache and several hours of vomiting. many years earlier I dreamed my dad was in a car sliding sideways thru something wet and shiney like a shallow surf. the next day i got a phone call that he was in the hospital after a car accident in which his car hydroplaned down a rain-slicked road. i said yes to my husband's proposal of marrage because of a dream--a story too long to tell here. the encounter I had with something other the night a traumatic event forced me to relinquish the fundamentalist tennents of my childhood, kept me sane after loosing what felt like the very foundations of my soul. tho telling of these things here might be offered back to me as proof that i did loose my sanity. :) or never had it.

But I think it can all be explained by the E side of Einsteins equation. energy and mass are two manifestations of the same thing. our five senses are calabrated to percive manifestations of mass while our spirit is calabrated to percieve energy. but our spirit is like the vision of kittens who are raised in the dark--tho there is not a thing physicaly wrong with their eyes they cannot see and stumble around and bump into things as tho blindfolded.

ah well. i am visiting this edition of your TT today because you don't have a new one up yet and i missed this one last week. and i am trying to visit as many of the TT participants that I have exchanged visits with over the last 21 weeks as i can because the TT hub is shutting down after this week. or so it was announced when i arrived to post my invitation this morning.

my TT this week is 13 ways to support the troops. not a bumper sticker, magnet or T-shrit among them. if you prefer going out with a lighter theme, you can visit last week's 13 giggles.

i had been saving visits to you for thursdays because of TT. now i will have to find a new habit because i love your offerings here. i not only learn something new everytime i visit, i find startling new mental connections that haunt me for hours or days afterwards.