Saturday, December 29, 2007

China Stinks! Canada Should Boycott China

China has been on my shit list for decades.

It's impossible to go shopping and try to buy something well made following high standards of production because China seems to monopolize retail stores. China stainless steel is complete shit...terrible for cooking.

I was so pissed off when China got the Olympics and I refuse to watch them when they air next year.

I seem to be the only person who actually remembers Tiananmen Square? China has never made a public apology or retribution or atonement for killing it's own people, students and labourers who believed in democracy.

I hope Canada refuses to send athletes to the games in Beijing.

If China didn't suck enough already: sexism, intolerance, crappy merchandise...the New York Times reports about it's pollution...

22 evangelical leaders were arrested in June. Authorities of the eastern Shandong province condemned two leaders of evangelical house churches to a year of “re-education through labour”. Others were detained for several days without charge, or were also likely to be condemned to work in a labour camp.

In July, 15 house church leaders were detained by military police within one week in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and Anhui province. A Vacation Bible School for 150 children was attacked and two teachers were beaten and hospitalized. Police did not provide any legal paper for the arrest, blaming one pastor of being involved in “illegal religious activities.”

This December, 270 Chinese pastors were arrested during a Bible study gathering. 40-50 policemen from 12 different towns were involved in the massive detention.

Last year alone, according to China Aid Association, the Chinese government arrested 1,958 pastors and members of unregistered Protestant churches. A similar number was reported for 2005. This absolute disregard for what we hold dear in Canada – religious freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to assemble – shows that the Western strategy of “opening up” China with increased trade and the Olympic Games is not working.
Boycott China!


* (asterisk) said...

You're not alone, Minxstress. We are also agog in our household that no one seems to be bothered about China's ongoing appalling human-rights record. How the country ever got the Olympics I'll never know; but once they got 'em, there should have been some serious monitoring to make sure they towed the line and cleaned up their act.

I agree that countries should refuse to send their athletes. Sadly, I don't see it happening...

Anonymous said...

Hi from the Japanese movie maker. I agree with you. I remember the incident and the Chinese government sometimes seems to me rather weird. But they suddenly have come up to the 2nd in the GDP ranking. We have to grope for the way how to get along with them...

My poor English aside, their English road signs are terrible. So I don't know whether they can make the Olympic Games a success without rewriting them. For example, they've once made a park which has some museums to introduce the minorities' culture, but they mistakenly named the park "racist park"(!!!) in English and had written so on the road signs. Here is incontrovertible evidence;

Anyway, please love Japan instead (^-^) and have a good New Year's.

Karen said...

Hey there Candy! Hope you're feeling better.

I think you're right but as *A said, I don't think that's going to happen. CBS sent Survivor there and despite all the problems with kids toys and imported food products, the world really hasn't done anything to show it's displeasure with China and it's human rights record. Sadly, the days of the Olympic boycott are behind us unless there's something major like another huge war. I know what you're thinking...Iraq? Afghanistan? Don't you know that Georgie doesn't consider those real wars so therefore they're not :)

Ron, apparently said...

I agree to an extent, but am on China's side when it comes to arresting Evangelists. I hate people wo keep telling me my lifestyle is going to put me in eternal damnation so I support anyone who takes the self-righteous buggers out of my face.
Happy New Year.

Gardenia said...

You know I've been bitching about China for a long time and with every effort I can, boycotting anything stamped "made in China." Not only are their goods it inferior to American made goods, they are dangerous. A pharmacist told me that about 70-75% of our prescription drugs are coming from China. Now, why did our government raise such a stink, when we ordered drugs from Canada because we couldn't afford U.S. prices, but has no problem importing them from a country that has no qualms about poisoning us or our children.

Their pollution record is atrocious as well as their human rights violations.

They went into Albania to "help" and stripped the country of its trees. The put up factories which are now abandoned. Ugly.

I don't agree with Ron - persecution of any one group, might be the group we belong to next! Hitler wasn't exclusive with killing the Jews.


Ink Casualty said...

well.....I can't really blame China as such but I do know I've had food poisoning from chinese food more than any other

Caoimhin said...

Would you consider joining other bloggers in an online Boycott of Beijing campaign? Please check out my site for the details and logo! Thank you!