Friday, December 21, 2007

Knocked Out

Just to let you know...I'm knocked out with some kind of weaponized supercold. As soon as I can sit up with out feeling I have broken glass in my head I'll be around to visit blogs. The sound of an envelope opening kills me. Totally couldn't do Thursday Thirteen yesterday. Stagg got home from work last night and found me all feverish and delirious and he jumped into doctor mode.

We didn't have any provisions in the house. You know, now I know why my grandparents had so many drugs in their medicine chest. I always thought they were nuts with jars and jars of pills. And if anyone was feeling anything my grandfather would start grinding pills or mixing up a gingerale concoction with some expired prescription.

I used to tease my grandfather about this but now I kind of get it. Yesterday I managed to find some was past it's half life but I took it anyways. Stagg totally compensated he ran to the store and came home with 500 Advils I've never seen a bottle of pills this big...where did he go? Cosco? Only in America! He got about 200 Ricola which I am basically living on.

Later...and I hope no one else gets this evil cold...


Gardenia said...

Aww, Stagg saved the day. Candy I hope you get better - there is something awful going around. It made its way through our family - "H" in bed for 3 days, my daughter, and then the boy, but the brave fella went to school. His head was pounding so bad I could feel it through his hair. I woke up sneezing and looking for Kleenex this a.m. despite mega amounts of vitamin C. The vaporizer is running - this is not what we wanted right before Christmas, huh?
I hope this goes away quick!!!!! Got waves of nausea but no barfing???

mister anchovy said...

I hope you feel a lot better very soon!!


get better soon babe x. Whisky and hot water - hot toddy. drink three before bed and you'll sleep through the cold. drink lots before bed and you'll forget you've a cold. Trust me I'm from Oldham.

L.M. said...

I feel for you, I have had the cold for a month now. Not fun.

My dad used to feed us whatever pills were in the medicine cabinet when we were sick. I always got mom's diet pills and there's nothing like dexedrine when you're five years old and have the flu. Except, I suppose, crystal meth, that's a lot like dexedrine.

Is it too late for Children's Aid to take me away from them?

Red said...

Ouch. I know from another post that you feel better now, but this sounds awful nasty. Glad that Stagg was around to nurse you back to health!