Friday, December 28, 2007

You Know You're Cynical When....

This woman had more money than god.

Why would she return to a country that she knew she couldn't trust anyone...each political leader hates another because of the tribe their family is from...

Her family helped fund the Taliban originally in Afghanistan, and was convicted with money laundering by Switzerland...she was admired because she attended rich kids colleges like Oxford and Harvard....and despite her family's support of the Taliban in the 90's she is seen as a woman's activist.

I am sorry anyone is killed especially for politics...which is one of the more stupid pasttimes humans endeavor and dabble with...

But Bhutto could have hired her own entire militia.

I believe she was motivated by the same nihilism that moves terrorists. It should have been treason for her to behave so recklessly and with such high risk abandon as seen in the above photo. Or is she already at gunpoint in the parade and forced to stand outside the limo? Plusshe likely had a overamplified need for approval and was obsessed with displaying her popularity....maybe to compensate for her growing nihilism?

This was not an assassination. I believe she was on a suicide mission and her behaviour was more like a nihilist than a person motivated with hope for her countries future.


tweetey30 said...

This the second time today I have read about her but saw it on TV and its so sad really to know what has happened really. I hate seeing people die also but if she was warned about this death threat why go back anyway from what I have heard from another blogger and also the news?? It just doesnt make sense really.I mean just because a person has all the money in the world doesnt keep them safe but sometimes people think it does. I hope her grieving family realizes they did warn her before she returned to her country. Happy New Year before I forget. hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I have a post up from yesterday with the girls and there presents.

Candy Minx said...

Tweetey, this country is layer upon layer of lies and deception. Now they are saying Bhutto died from a bonk on the head. If it wasn't so sad it would be funny.

I believe that despite Bhutto's family warnings and that she knew she would die...I think it is a combination of her ego and need for some kind ofglory in gettng public approval combined with a depression that she went back to Pakistan...maybe the loss of many ofherfamily, the scandals, her mothers alzeimers, her familiy has suffered losses from it's political intrigues...her ego and nihlism was bigger than her will to survive, or do the right thing.

I think she has done a terrible diservice to the people of Pakistan because she put her ego before practicality.

If she had had a militia and been able to survive the racial tensions in Pakistan...maybe maybe. I think she she had a martyr complex...and I think it's a tragedy that her own maniacal desire for approval might make her country an even more dangerous complicit place.

* (asterisk) said...

Interesting words. I know little about Pakistan, but what I do know is this was a woman who narrowly escaped one attempt on her life just weeks ago. This was sure to happen sooner rather than later. Maybe it is for the greater good, but I fear that huge swathes of nations such as Pakistan don't even want democracy. They want to be controlled by people they see as wiser, more godly folk. Religion sucks the life out of people.

Cynical? Maybe you are. Maybe I am. It's better than being a sucker, though.


Apparently the Pakistani music Top 20 has been changed in her honour.

At number 5 Bon Jovi "Shot Through The Heart"

At 4 with a special Benazir re-mix of their massive hit "Goodbye Mr A" it's The Hoosiers with "Goodbye Mrs. B"

At 3 it's AC/DC and "T.N.T."

At 2 with their classic sixties hit it's The Dave Clark Five and "Bits and Pieces"

And at number 1 in the Pakistani hit parade it's The M.A.S.H with their one big hit "Suicide is Painless"

Life's a bitch and then you die...