Monday, October 12, 2009

2 Tone

The rise of the British National Front and the racist rhetoric of former Conservative politician Enoch Powell preyed on the paranoia and resentment of economically marginalized whites. An apparently drunk Eric Clapton fanned the flames, cautioning a 1976 Birmingham audience that England was in danger of becoming "a black colony" and encouraging support of Powell, which in part prompted the formation of Rock Against Racism. In the spring of 1978, the organization drew 100,000 demonstrators to a rally headlined by the Clash in London's Victoria Park. From SPIN Magazine

2 Tone music was a really exciting time in music. I saw The English Beat and Madness a couple of times each when they played The Concert Hall in Toronto back in the day. There were a number of us punks and misfits who thought Eric Clapton was a cunt back then. Actually, maybe I never really got over that comment he made about race...I can't stand that "unplugged" album he made that was so massively popular in the 90's. YAWN. This months SPIN Magazine has an article that I thought Four Dinners would enjoy and not know about in England. Here you go Four here...

(P.s. 4 Dins, if this isn't the whole article I'll scan it for you next week after I get my scanner up and running...)


And of course there was this amazing song about one of the biggest cunts in the world...Margeret Thatcher..


Four Dinners said...

If I'm not careful I'll be posting here instead of commenting!

First off...thanks babe. Great post!

Second off - nowt really changes eh?

There's still an 'underclass' of whites who hate blacks and Asians etc etc.

In truth they aren't the problem as, to be honest, there's also an 'underclass' of blacks and Asians that hate each other and whites.

The real problem is that consecutive British Govts have allowed almost unrestricted immigration and now there are many 'pockets' of the UK where the indigenous population are now a minority and, frankly, many don't like it - hence the growth of the British National Party - who are no less fascists than the old National Front.

The real problem now is that the mainstream partys are frightened to say "Enough".

Sadly, if they don't, the UK - or at least parts, will one day be another Yugoslavia.

I have friends from pretty much all ethnic backgrounds.

I worry for them - or at best their children or maybe grandchildren.

A storm is coming in the UK.

As things stand it isn't a question of if but when?

I know where I stand. Treat all with honesty and dignity etc etc.

Still. Maybe the old TwoTone days will return eh?

Maybe we will learn to live together.

WTF? Let's be an optimist!!!

Love the post though. xx

Four Dinners said...

ps..."On My Radio" the '91 mix is very very cool!!!!!!! You can find it on YouTube.

Candy Minx said...

Hi Four Dinners, I almost posted the '91 version of "On The Radio" earlier. Maybe I will later. You know the feeling of tension is underlying a few places in the world...not just there where you are. I am an optimist and I hope we can work it out. When resources are dwindling all of the world is being pushed into a corner. People believe it doesn't matter what they eat or how they travel...but we don't likely know the whole picture. It may really matter how we get food and water. Fortunately there are some amazing innovative people who are pioneering a different and ancient way to live, get food and it is a major source of hope in my mind. Yep, I like your credo, treat people honestly and with dignity.

* (asterisk) said...

There's a new crew in town: The English Defence League. Though, to be fair, they have black members and *claim* only to be against Islamic extremism etc in the UK. Of course, their words don't fully support this (talk of burqas being intimidating, for example). But it'll be interesting to see how it pans out...

Janet said...

I never knew Clapton said that...what an idiot! Even if he was drunk, excuse.