Thursday, October 22, 2009


This blog is no stranger to struggle for gay marriage rights. Come on people...let's get this together. We need medical health support for all citizens. We need to show tolerance and love by supporting gay marriage. And we need to stop eating so much fucking corn. And we have alternatives to driving with oil.

Up with people!


DILLIGAF said...

Yen!!!!!!! oh I don't know....

Look. If homosexuality was the natural order of things we wouldn't be here. Fact.

On the other hand, people don't choose their sexuality. It comes natural.

If my daughter had turned out to be a lesbian would I have loved her any less? No way. If she'd 'married' another woman would I have accepted the other woman into the family? Absolutely. (From a selfish perspective I'd have been disappointed grandkids wise but there you go)

Bottom line? Heterosexuality is the norm (allright...I suppose you could argue the case for Bi sexuality as you would still breed)

As long as a couple love each other maybe that's all you need.

Public ceremonies like marriage? Matters not in the end.

Whether you're queer, straight or bi if you find true love enjoy.

That's what matters in the end.

One of my best mates is bent as a nine bob note...(English saying). He's had the same male partner for 8 years now.

Love em to a manly way....;-)

Unknown said...

Guess the issue is the "public ceremony" does not matter in the end, that is why some are pushing to have it be same for all cause when the end is near, so many in long loving relationships can not speak or care for those they love, and often are denied access into a hospital room as they are not "family".

just sayin

brassawe said...

Amen, Candy! I am right there with you.

It used to take me three or four different civil suits to get my gay client “divorced.” One to get the furniture and stuff divided up. One to divide up the joint accounts. One to deal with the house and mortgage. One to decide which one owed what debt, which usually arose when a creditor sued both of them for not paying. And many times another over something idiosyncratic to the couple. Sometimes these suits had to be undertaken in two or three different counties. They ought to be able to have their divorce handled in one single proceeding just like everybody else.

My gay clients where the greatest clients I ever had, and I do not say that simply because I liked the business. I did not. I say that because I came to love each and every one.