Thursday, October 01, 2009



rauf said...

Perhaps most Americans wished they were away too for 'those eight years'

Still looks gorgeous isn't she ?
How you been Candy ? i have been out of sorts on a regular basis from past year or so. Hope you are doing fine Candy.

Four Dinners said...

Many a mans fantasy then and now eh?

Why did she have so much trouble making eye contact with Letterman? She kept staring off into space as he spoke....maybe another joint?...;-)

Thee Mike Brown said...


Candy Minx said...

Rauf, hi!!! It's so great to hear from you. I am sorry to hear you have been out of sorts and I hope things are feeling better for you. I look forward to catching up with you and perhaps seeing some of your new work. (and yes, Madonna does look amazingly good. The best she's looked in a few years)

Four Dinners, I was wondering why Madonna was so unfocused was driving me crazy. I think Thee Mike Brown is right and it was affectation. I don't know why she acts like that on so many occassions but in general...what I liked about this interview was two things. I like that she came out on hockey players and the interview was kind of funny.

But what really interested me to go back and watch this video yesterday was that Letterman had issued a public statement today about being blackmailed. I was very curious then about this interview. I wondered if Letterman had told Madonna about the incident. I also wanted to see his face again during this interview because he was going to the Grand Jury the next morning to testify.

It occurred to me that maybe Madonna was actually a little terrified as well as acting affected.

Here is the next evenings show with Letterman telling his story about the blackmail. I find it to be absolutely fascinating nd how he handles the crowd, blends the severity of the situation with his own unique humour and professionalism. It's really one of those segments that shows why Letterman is such a massive tv personality and entertainer.

Hey Thee Mike Brown, yes, Madonna is up to her affectation. I so don't like that aspect of her in interviews. But somehow through it her and Letterman still manage to be funny. I love it when Letterman asks her if she's been on top of sportsplayers least she can joke about her sex life. I also suspect he may have privately told her about his situation and she was feeling hinky? I wonder.

Gardenia said...

Madonna looked stunning - fabulous. Hmmmm, I think maybe she was contemplating the women that had slept with Letterman - and was having trouble with that intruding into her head - I mean I'm old and my choice field is limited therefor, but would I consider sleeping with Letterman? Hahahahahah Yuck.