Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Attention Cat Lovers

You have to see my friend Rauf's pictures of his kitten...wonderful! I am so glad he has such a gorgeous and funny room mate!


Tiff said...

what a great little guy he seems to be!

Four Dinners said...

Rauf is a legendary great bloke. He even likes me....which could make you wonder if he's nuts as well...;-)

He is also one mean photographer.

No idea if he's little Tiff...but his heart is massive!!!!

rauf said...

oh deeah ! That is sweet of you Candy
i am truly flattered
Thank you Candy
Thank you Four Dinners
Thank you Tiff

i am not very tall, just 5' 10"
but weight 55 Kilos, i don't know how many pounds that is. i was 58 kilos but lost 4 due to continuous traveling and i got sick recently. i don't go to doctors (i have never been to a doctor for 30 plus years) i don't take medicines. i am a bit clumsy, cuts and wounds don't get infected, i just put my spit on them, disgusting i know. i believe that our body heals itself, though it takes a little longer, i took rest, now i am fine, just i have to add a few more kilos and sisters are feeding me well, i am not a health freak, little reckless

Tiff said...

man w/ big heart=obvious :)