Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where's Stagg?

Can you see Stagg? Click on the image to see him better. To see the awesome busking spot we found go to his blog.... More pics there...


cappy/barnsleysime said...

i see him!! blending in well, like that japanese fellow who paints himself to blend into the background!

hey! whats this about an interview? have your people spoken to our people? lol...

upset that you forgot that me and dinners started blogging at around the same time. i remember the list..

perfect blue buildings
ranting dullard
blog about nowt
gnostic world!

and my old (first) attempt.. fat fiz's brain drain!

hope you can make it next august...the more the merrier. it'll be a proper get together.

love and kisses,


Candy Minx said...

Cappy, Hey I could never forget you. You and Barnsley! Of course I know you and Dinners started blogging around the same time. I knew right away by your music I'd found two cool mates blogging...forces to be reckoned with. Loving your radio programs so glad we can get them here online. And yes, we'll see you in August...look out world! Love and kisses right back at ya.