Monday, February 22, 2010

Funny Diets

I've got a few of these issues of Vogue books. I get them at garage sales and Vogue used to issue these beauty books every couple of years and they have some very useful stuff in them. Like, how to make your own soap, or yoga exercises.They also have some funny stuff in them. The other night I read out loud to Stagg and our friend Tricia some of the crazy diets in this old 70's publication. We were howling with laughter.

WINE AND EGGS/ 3 days/ loss: 5lbs (2.5kg)


1 egg, hard-boiled
1 glass white wine (dry preferably Chablis)
Black coffee


2 eggs, hard-boiled is best, but poached if necessary
2 glasses white wine
Black coffee


5oz. (150g.) steak, grilled with black pepper, lemon juice
Remainder of white wine (one bottle per day allowed)
Black coffee.

I love this idea for a diet. I'm sure the wine takes away "the edge" of feeling hungry and the black coffee tries to keep you uplifted for a day job. I had to scan one of the pages from this book...below "Steak and Wine" Diet...because I figure no one will believe me.


mister anchovy said...

Fabulous...except that when I get tipsy I think cheezees.

Anonymous said...

I need a glass of wine for my glass of wine to balance out my glass of wine!!


DILLIGAF said...

If I say "I'll eat it" it doesn't really help on the grounds that I'll eat anything (except brussel sprouts and squid)

Candy Minx said...

Mr. A, yeah me too.

Stagg, well at least you eat my cooking.

4Dins, I'm sure there is some 70's diet with voddy, shrinp and brussel sprouts. Promised for weight loss.

Danny Mansmith said...

hey mizz minx
when would be a good time to have dinner with you and anthony ??
sorry it's been sooo long since our last meetin
big smiles to you

Beej said...

omg and eggs!!!???? Watch out for the explosion from the lower forty!! good gosh! lolol

Gardenia said...

Sounds delicious. But I don't think I would feel good, haha.