Monday, February 15, 2010

One Day A Week

Of course the trade off is that the more food we produce (even if it's vegetarian), the more people eat, and then human population grows. The best birth control in the world is quality of life. The more education options, the more comfortable living conditions, the less people reproduce. So not only do we have the option to eat vegetarian once a help with over-population we need to consider how can struggling communities have a better quality of life. But I thought this was a great video, I hope someone makes one for North America, although the stats are similar.


tweetey30 said...

I will eat nonmeat foods but Jeff doesnt like them all the time. I mean we eat salads as snacks without meat in them.. Does that count?? But we still have cheese in them..

Beej said...

one meatless day a week would not be much of a sacrafice either. I could do that and my family would not even know what I was doing!

Thanks Candy.