Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fall Season

I love this time of year for's so exciting when your favourite shows return. But its also fun because a lot of new shows get tested. This year it seems to me that there are a ton of new tv shows...maybe its because I have hardly watched tv in the past year I don't know...but it sure seems that there are a lot of new shows coming in September. I am most excited about "The Playboy Club" and "Pan Am". The writers are from previous excellent programs and I love the retro era they are set in. Here are a bunch of programs I am going to be checking out this fall season...

I'm going to give this one a chance because I love the movie versions of "Charlie's Angels" and this is also produced by Drew it might be fun.

I am super excited about this new show "Once Upon A Time"....because it from the creators of "LOST" this one has a lot riding on it and so far the trailers look just awesome.

"Up All Night" has a lot of potential with Will Arnett and Christina Applegate. At first I thought the premise of tired parents wouldn't hold up...but the more I watched clips from this one, the more I thought this could turn out really good.

This one looks potentially good too. It's got stand up Whitney Cummings...and the comercials really grew on me. I think she grows on me because I often like characters who are social misfits, who put their foot in their mouth. Gee why ha ha...yep...I relate to them. "Whitney" looks like an annoying character that grows on you and if its funny, then it will be great.

The commercials for this one catch my eye. I like both the Dechanel suisters...(Emily stars in the wonderful "Bones") so I have thought some of the clips in this new show called "New Girl" were pretty funny looking.

This going to be a tough one...because in general the original "Prime Suspect" was beloved with a big fan base which included me. I love my chasies...and I loved Helen Mirren's Prime I can't resist this new series. I really hope it's good.

Did you notice, a lot of the new season has very strong featured roles for women...which is also just adding to the excitement for me. Way to go tv writers! Go go Goddess power!


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm excited about the upcoming season, too. Pan Am looks decent as does Once Upon a Time. But I'm skeptical about the Prime Suspect remake; the original was just too good, Helen was too perfect...I hate to see Hollywood mess around with perfection! I'll give it a go, just to see what it's like, but I'm sure it's going to be a flop in my books.

Candy Minx said...

I am also a little shy about the new version of "Prime Suspect"...but I like a chasey so will check it out. Wouldn't it be fun if it was really cool? I also have read a couple good notes about "The Playboy Club"...I think it will be all in or nothing...we'll see!