Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Party Palace

Well we made a major change up around here on Monday. We moved some of our stuff from the garage which had Staggs archives some clothes and hats that he had had in storage in our old apartment into the house. And we went through all the stuff in Grandmas basement and re-packed them and moved them into the garage. I have been dusting and washing the floor and moving furniture around...and I was so tired Monday night I just crashed. But...we have made a game room or party room in the basment. We really want to have a few parties come the fall and start a game night. And maybe a reading now we definately have enough of a sitting room. We have a big huge table down here as well with chairs for puzzles or card games or trivia etc. Stagg was learning how to play crib in Vancouver with our nephews so we can take it up again. It feels good to stretch our legs around here. we'll let you know when we have the big party! Meanwhile we had Tricia over last night. Her and I went to a Quiz Night at our mutual old neighbourhood pub and had a blast. We totally didn't do well trivia-wise but it was a lot of fun. She was able to sleep over because we fixed up a room with a good bring on the game night guests!
These little bottles make me feel like I'm Kathleen Turner in Romancing The Stone.


tif said...

i just got a bunch of little bottles too! and felt the same way!!
apparently they will go bad, remember to use them.

Candy Minx said...

Uh oh...if the go bad then maybe they've gone off already. Although the first night we got here...after the fire I came down the basement looking for a drink ha ha. I wanted a stiff drink. I had a little shot of bacardi and it was good in some coke Stagg's mum had brought over. I didn't even think about them I will for sure look into the situation and see f they are still tasty. lol.

Gardenia said...

Very very very very cool! Wow!

D said...


I see a record player ... a few Martin Denny records ... and some sort of bamboo wall-hangin piece in your future.

Lee said...

I love your party palace! Cool digs!