Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stagg Talking Physics

One of the best things about our trip was showing and introducing Stagg to my my favourite places in Canada, and my good friends and family. Forever I've had a friend who works at a particle accelerator in Vancouver. Actually, believe it or not, I've had two friends work there who didn't know each other and I and met independantly. Anyhow, my friend Pete has worked at TRIUMF for decades and over the years I've taken friends for a tour led by Pete. Mister Anchovy has gone and so has my sister. It's a total blast. This visit, Stagg joined in. My son-in-law calls these pictures "Stagg talks physics" at which we all howl. Stagg wore a tag that measures how much "heat" you are exposed to or not. Some parts of the tour are "hotter" than others and our guide keeps us on the right track. And by hot, I mean radiation exposure.

Okay, this picture is going to be too can see this better on my phone where I can blow it up...but for over twenty years there has been a model of the Starship Enterprise hanging over these monitors in the control room. This model always cracks me up. There used to be all kinds of cartoons on the doors of peoples offices. Back in the would find endless Gary Tudeau cartoons taped up all over the place. There are still charming little details like that around the particle accelerator buildings and offices.

I've completely forgotten what these tanks are full of...something intimidating I am sure...

I think it's going to be difficult to grasp the scale of the place without expanding the images. Sorry about that. But the yellow "bricks" in the main arena are like the size of train cars. You might notice a winch on the ceiling in some of the photos...the place is massive.


eugene knapik said...

I recall having a very enjoyable time with Pete and his son during that visit...long time ago now. I hope they are doing well.

Candy Minx said...

His sone is in school outside Winnipeg and doing very well.