Friday, August 19, 2011


I am still LOVE LOVE LOVE-ing Kayne West's album from last year. He may be terrible Mr. Faux Pas when he talks but he is brilliant when he writes and sings.

Well, we just got our computer fixed. It took a few days and a couple of trips back and forth (they forgot to give us our power cord back and I forgot to double check) from the church Apple Store...but it's ready to go online and all synced with our iPhone. Whoo hoo! We don't have internet till next week but we can play a dvd and watch some movies this weekend. We had to get a new Superdrive and more RAM. I changed the RAM myself which I've never done that before...and it worked out okay. All was working fine at the store today. I can now make a bunch of playlists on our desktop iTunes and swith them over to iPod on my phone so that is very exciting. And I moved the music we had on the iPod/iPhoen to the desktop. Fun.

I am still working on the garage...and we've done a bit of work sorting and cleaning the basement and we moved bedroom furniture and other stuff all around the last couple days. Now that we are more settled in and have places for our clothes and stuff I'm starting to really enjoy being in the house and it's getting really really comfortable. I plan on painting a kind of "antiqued" bedroom set bright daffodil yellow. We were at a "games day" with our friends Jason and Mike a couple weeks ago...The colour suggested by Jason when I showed him pics and said I was trying to figure out what colour to paint the furniture...I was torn between black, lime green or white and he came up with daffodil intense I am going to go for it.

Last weekend we went to Wisconsin and stayed with my friend Tricia...Andy drove down from North Wisconsin and we just played "Rockband" all night on Friday then on Saturday Tricia had friends over for a party. It was amazing how quickly we could drive across the Cheese Curtain to get to Tricia's's about an hour with traffic between our places. Awesome.

Oh yeah, and we also went second hand shopping in WI and I got some great deals and some good clothes.

So it's Friday now and we are up to housework and movies...


Gardenia said...

The piece of furniture in the pics is beautiful - will look for photos!

I've been watching a lot of movies lately. Powwow Highway I would highly recommend. Just watched "Rain" and that was good. Also some older movies - dang, can't remember the name.

Oh well, enjoyed in while it was happening. :)

Fall is coming!!!!! Hooray!

X. Dell said...

I haven't been up that way for a few years now. So I don't know what all is developed. (The last time I was there, I-94 from Milwaukee to Madison seemed like one large shopping mall--where I knew dairy farms were ten years earlier).

Where, exactly, do you go shopping in WI? Surely, you don't go all the way to Milwaukee, do you?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your computer back! I'm glad to hear you're making "gramma's" house more you. There's a unique vibe there, I'm hopeful you and Stagg will be able to find harmony with it :)

Candy Minx said...

Gardenia, you know now that I've moved the furniture away from the rose wallpaper...I really actually liek the paint finish. It's a stunning bedroom set and I think I am in no hurry to paint it...and Jason emailed me after looking at the pics again and he thinks we should focus on the walls rather than the funriture and great minds think alike ha ha. I am very much enjoying the weather now the last two weeks. It's been perfect hot with only a little humidity. I love fall and I hope fall lasts all the way to April ha ha and we have an easier winter than the last two years. We'll see.

X Dell, it feels like driving an hour into WI is like passing through neighbourhoods. Its a fairly straightforward trip to my girlfriend in kenosha. There is a huge grocery store called Woodmans in no we didn't go all the way to Milwaukee. Woodmans has a great selection of dairy and great prices I tell ya wow!

Anonymous, we have granmas place really set of comfortably right now. Much better traffic flow and it feels very good in here. I don't know our plans for next year or next summer but we are going to be very fine here for the coming next months. We'll see. I really liek being in the house now and that is a good feeling of peace of mind. We are very lucky to be able to be here.