Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Cat Dancers

We saw this documentary a few years ago and last night my friends in England put this video on my Facebook page and asked if I had seen it. You know, its funny but I don't think I blogged about this movie although I thought about it at the time. I totally think this is ripe for being made into a fictional movie. It's absolutely impossible not to watch these people once you get the doc going. There is everything in this story, from the photos of when they were young and what they looked like to their personas when they age, to their love life and to this fabulous cat they live with. There's a little serendipity in the world because I applied for a job as a cat caretaker today. I hadn't seen a job posting for anything with animals for a long time and yet today after being reminded of this movie I found a posting on Craigslist for a cat caretaker position. I really want that job so please please cross your fingers for me. And check out this documentary it's really really amazing. It's a little bit like Grey Gardens.

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Gardenia said...

Wow - well, if you want the job, I will pray you get it! I love all cats, bit and little - respect the big ones though as they can do some damage! Even to cat dancers and cat whisperers. :)