Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Rosie Show Rocks!

I have something in common with Rosie O'Donnel. We both have a huge craving and nostalgia for the kind of tv talk shows we grew up on. It's been a major rip off for me that most of the shows that were so crazy and fun and innocence fell out of trend in the 1980's. The only fix I get from such memories of watching talk shows when I used to stay home sick from the morning chat on LIVE with Regis ad Kelly..bit their show is not the same. Rosie's talk show was exactly the kind of vibe I'm talking about and I used to just love her old program. I also enjoyed a variety show

Talk shows when I was growing up had this eccentric pacing and thrill of goofy reveals of the hosts personality. In fact, it's rare to find a talk show host with a massive over whelming personality that imitates the sensation I had as a kid of people like Merv Griffin, Dinah Shore, Carol Burnett, Cher, Dick Cavett, Flip Wilson...having these broad campy personalities.

I am very very fond of Rosie O'Donnell's previous show and have been excited for her show on Oprah's network. I liked a variety show she experimented with a couple years ago but it didn't catch on. I have been hoping this new one will have all the flavours I am nostalgic for...and it really really does. Her new show is the kind of program I could imagine watching with the whole family. The kids will miss some of the innuendoes and there is a little irreverences that ill suit cranky old people (heh heh just kidding) and then there is the general magic of her great attitude of talking to people. Rosie really loves people and she has a great sensitivity for finding funny things about talking with in them in a few seconds. It is this unplanned, nervous bordering on uncomfortable at times energy that I believe will be the potential for her show to succeed. The show focuses on a stand up then a long three segment interview and then games. A little music, a little joking and some heavy topics handled with world-wise humour on Rosie's part and on the guests parts. The first episode had an opening segment with Russel Brand that was tense at first, but then at some point the two comics just fell into the show and it had moments of brilliance. I think I love Rosie and her guests (so far,Roseanne Barr and Russell Brand and Wanda Sykes) even more than ever. The banter between Gloria Estefan and Rosie was terrific and old-fashioned energy. I hope the show gets some ratings because I am already in love with the program. I've GOT to get down there and see if I can get a ticket. I wish I could work for the's just that delightful.

Rosie created a bunch of games that she ends each episode with by picking two people out of the audience to compete with each other, or sometimes with one of her guests....and I thought the one she had the other day called "DOODLEZ" was really quite agreat idea. I took a bunch of pics. Basically the production staff has made doodles over the faces of celebrities and you get a couple of chances to guess. The first photo has a lot of doodles over the faces...and then the doodles are less if you can't guess them right away. If you feel like guessing I'll post the answers in the comments.

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Janet said...

the only one I can tell is Tom Selleck LOL!