Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Cop Rock

Some shows make it and some don't. I had to laugh today when The Playboy Club was cancelled because Stagg and I had both been trying to be extras on the show.

I've enjoyed a number of shows over the years that got cancelled early in their runs.

Yes...I actually was watching Cop Rock when it got cancelled...the time brings back memories. We were living with my gay friend who was fighting AIDS. We had a bunch of tv shows we loved watching together and we thought the idea of a prime time tv show with singing was a brilliant idea. I guess we were hungry 20 years before Glee. My friend who passed away in the early 90's would have loved Glee.

Other shows I liked that didn't make it....

Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Bosom Buddies
The Book of Daniel
Veronica Mars
My So-Called Life
Arrested Development
Pushing Daisies
Studio 60
The Tick
The Ben Stiller Show
Sports Night
The Mole
Dark Angel

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